Facebook has introduced a Subscribe button that allows you to follow the public updates of others, despite of whether you are Facebook friends.

The new subscription choice is part of Facebook’s attempt to provide its users to have more command over their Facebook accounts.

Users can see this new Subscribe Button next to the “Message” and “Poke” button on Facebook profiles. Subscribe button provides a method to follow the news or information which others are posting on their wall without really becoming Facebook friends. It is similar to following someone on Twitter.

This button functions a bit in a different method based on whether you are look at a friend’s profile. If you subscribe a person who is not in your friend list, then you will be able to see his or her public status updates or if he/she has shared some news, then it will be displayed in your News Feed. You will have the flexibility to choose what type of updates you want to see. For example, if you have subscribed to anyone’s Facebook Page and has opted to see his status updates only and has ignored his/her game or photo updates, then only his/her status updates will be displayed in your news feed.

If the user which you have subscribed to is your friend, then this subscribing offers you the capability to control how much of his/ her updated, news content should enter into your stream. If you desire to view each and every update, then you can set the Subscribe button to display “All Updates”.

This Subscribe feature is completely elective, you can opt not to subscribe to anyone and you can choose to disable Subscribe button on your profile if you don’t desire to add any subscribers. This button makes public Facebook posts more helpful, particularly if you start gaining subscribers.