Facebook is planning to introduce its music platform later this month with three of the company’s launch associates Rdio, MOG and Spotify. This music service with three partners will be declared at Facebook’s f8 developer seminar on 22nd September, 2011. It will permit facebook’s users to listen to music from within their Facebook account.

Rumors of this Facebook music and media platform have made the rounds before, and many big names have since tried to come into the market with no much triumph, including RIM and Best Buy. In the intervening time, devoted services like Spotify, Grooveshark and Rdio have grown, though hardly any have managed to achieve the basic sales triumph of Apple’s iTunes.

According to the sources, Facebook will not openly stream any music or media; instead, it will depend on the three associates to give the content. This is the difference to the Google and Apple’s policy of hosting music content on their servers. Facebook intends to turn out to be a platform for music service in the same manner as it is a great platform for many games and applications.

There are other rumors also that Facebook is planning for this platform to go ahead of music, for example, it is probable that Netflix could stream movies via Facebook. Though, we don’t make out if Facebook will go ahead of the music and media service declaration at f8 developer conference.