To administer the entire working of a Facebook page and present it aptly to the users, Facebook reconstructed the Pages Insights analytics and added a new metric called: “People Talking About.” This is one out of the four statistics which would be tracked by Pages Insights. The idea behind starting it was to make people comprehend the page and understand what people are talking about with regard to the content of the page. Similarly it would urge the Content creators to post comment worthy content.

The people talking about will measure the activities initiated by the users on the page, including the postings on the wall of the page, liking and commenting, sharing any page or content on the page, answering a question posted to fans, mentioning a page, liking or sharing a deal or checking in at your place. The name of the matrix, i.e. “People talking about” isn’t yet confirmed. It might change. The feelings behind the comments and the entire activity however will not be considered in the calculation. Thus appreciating the page or rebuking it would mean the same while measuring the user interactions.

The other matrices introduced to manage the brand and media Pages includes “Likes”, “Friends of fan” and “Weekly Total Reach.” While “Likes” thoroughly explains itself and its purpose, Friends of Fans is the total number of friends the fans have, and weekly total reach is designed to be an accurate assessment of how many total people have posted something about the Page, how many news organizations (within Facebook) have referenced it and how much viral distribution elements of the Page has gotten.

David Baser, the product manager for Pages Insights proclaimed the certainty of the existence of these four matrices, despite the plans of introduction of new activities in future. He also assured that amongst these four, “Like” will maintain the top spot. “Likes are an expression of identity,” Baser says. “It’s a user saying that I have a relationship with this brand.”

Pages Insights role doesn’t stop at just offering the services of four new matrices. It would thereafter offer a deeper dive in the data around specific updates. Facebook will enlist the last 500 posts, beginning the count from July onwards, and will track down the total number of engaged users, People talking about it and vitality which is the measure of the percentage of users who have commented on the post.