Google+ has received good response by most users who have tried it. It has more than 20 million users now, and is anticipated to keep growing at a quick pace. Google also announce earlier that it would be launching a new application for businesses on Google+, with more features and option. In the intervening time, Facebook has just launched its new website for businesses known as “Facebook for Business

As businesses scream to connect to Google+, it may be no coincidence that Facebook has launched a new site walking potential advertisers through the practice of advertising and promotion on the social network. It is just a comprehensive guide which will assist you to “get the fundamentals on setting up and constructing your business with Facebook”. Facebook appears to be trying to indicate that they are concerned about businesses.

They highlight four main features for businesses:

  • Pages: Create a space to communicate with your fans, get to recognize potential clients and construct a community.
  • Ads: Reach precisely the people you desire with ads that allow you to target by interests, location, age and more.
  • Sponsored Stories:  Take benefits of friends discussing with friends with sponsored stories, a natural mode to strengthen word of mouth.
  • Platform: Convert your website into a social experience with plug-ins and custom apps.

The design of the sub-site has been designed well, highlighting step-by-step procedure for putting up collectively your pages, running and organizing ads and detailing who will perceive what, depending upon the interaction with clients.

While Google is still ironing out precisely how business profiles will work on its social network site Google+ , Facebook has just stepped up with a blinking signal to illustrate people precisely how they can be successful using “Facebook for Business”.