Pinterest declares it will shortly deploy a necessary code of conduct, known as the Creator Code, to sustain users’ decisive experience. The Creator Code comprises policies you will have to direct when building content for Pinterest.

Pinterest intends to implement the recognition of these directions before you can publish story pins. Pinterest needs all users to consent to the Creator Code prior to posting story pins; the guidelines are created to promote positive content during the site.

Along with releasing the Creator Code, the social media platform launches new moderation utilities to keep comment segments friendly. Ultimately, Pinterest is implementing the initial step to paying content administrators with its Creator Fund.

Want to explore more about the updates? Here you go!

Pinterest Creator Code

Before you post story pins, Pinterest will urge users to sign an obligatory Creator Code. As per Pinterest, the Creator Code is:  

“The Creator Code is a mandatory set of guidelines that lives within our product intended to educate and build a community around making inclusive and compassionate content. It is intended to be proactive and empowering for Creators, rather than reactive and reprimanding.”

Here are the five particular guidelines the Creator Code is developed around: 

  • Be kind: Guarantee content does not offend or put others down
  • Examine facts: Ensure information is authentic and genuine
  • Be conscious of triggers: Use caution to visually delicate content
  • Practice composition: Never deliberately eliminate specific communities or groups 
  • Not harm: Ensure any challenge or call to action (CTA) is secure

Instances of content, which goes against the Pinterest Creator Code comprise: 

  • Requests for delicate information
  • Explicit art
  • Graphic images
  • Posters that offend public figures
  • Risky projects or objections 
  • Unsupported theories, health claims, or tricks
  • Fashion don’ts, what not to wear, and more
  • Before & after pictures with a purpose to shame
  • Stereotypes of other communities or cultures 
  • And others

A lot of this content is restrained during Pinterest already. By Creator Code, the social media platform is practicing a more proactive strategy at guaranteeing users keep everything civil. Moreover, Pinterest is releasing measures to help sustain the same civility phase when people engage with content. 

Pinterest Comment Moderation Tools

It is launching new utilities and features developed to offer a positive practice for both content creators and users, including:

  • Positivity Reminders for folks to stick to Pinterest’s guidelines and review potentially objectionable comments before publishing.
  • Moderation Tools for Creators like keyword filtering and comment removal.
  • Featured comments let users pin up to 3 comments in the comment provisions to highlight positive responses.
  • Modern Spam Prevention Signals with machine learning (ML) to recognize and eliminate nasty comments.

Pinterest Creator Fund

Pinterest is releasing a plan to finance content creators from diminished communities. Nowadays, just available in the US, the Pinterest Creator Fund gives creative tactic consulting, financial support, and training.  

“We’re on a journey to build a globally inclusive platform where Pinners around the world can discover ideas that feel personalized, relevant, and reflective of who they are. This is also reinforced by our commitment to ensure that 50% of the Creators we work with come from underrepresented groups.”

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