Evernote, no doubt it is possibly the best note-taking app accessible on all of the platforms like on the Web, on desktop, and on phone as well. It permits persons to save, discover, and interact with their memories. As part of an Android update (3.2), Evernote has introduced some innovative features and facilities to its app. Along with a few helpful UX modifications; some amazing new features have been added too.

1. Skitch Integration

This feature addition is the first edition of Evernote to display the technology as a part of Evernote. With this update, when you craft a note or alter an existing note, Skitch’s heart logo in the toolbar will get displayed at that time. If you have Skitch installed, then you will be redirected into Skitch and then in Skitch, you can sketch and doodle, then by tapping the elephant icon in the top right you can send your sketch into Evernote.

2. Slideshow View for Images

Evernote has added an interesting new feature in this update-a devoted image viewing mode which is:  Slideshow View. Inside a note, tap on a picture or anything you marked up in Skitch to outlook the equivalent on full-screen on a black backdrop. Take right and left to see all the added pictures in that note. If your note comprises of multiple pictures, then automatically it will open in Slideshow View.

3. Offline Mode Search

With this feature update, you can now explore inside your Evernote account even when you are not connected to a network. Prior to this update, it was only possible to access certain notes offline but finding the notes was not achievable. While Premium account holders can take complete notebooks in offline mode and explore within them and free users can only explore inside notes that they observed or formed on their Android gadget. Now, Premium account holders will also have the facility to search inside their PDF files in offline mode.