Are you not familiar with the Apple TV? It is not a television but a digital media receiver that streams content to a screen. This entertainment device of Apple gives you access to the newest movies, television shows, sports, news and more! You can rent or buy these entertainment programs from iTunes or watch them via Netflix, Ted Talk, Vevo and many other services. It is also possible to stream your content from your iOS device or Mac to a big screen with Airplay. When you store your content in iCloud, you can watch it all on your television – whether these are photo’s, video’s or documents. With iCloud, the whole family can benefit from your purchases thanks to Family Sharing.

Developments on the Apple TV

Apple’s streaming device is an okay product but has not been renewed since the launch in 2007. The past years the company has been focussing on other innovative devices. But for quite some time now, it is possible for app developers to link the Apple TV to their new creation. On itself this isn’t a new development because Apple’s TV often integrates the newest iOS features. However, this time the changes for the streaming device are mentioned more explicitly than normal. It even receives the same number of app test slots as the iPhone and iPad. This means that developers can create apps specifically for the Apple TV. This could point to a plan that Apple wants the newest apps to be suitable for their television device.

App Store on the Apple TV

The current device of Apple TV has channels that are similar to apps, like Netflix, HBO, and even YouTube. You can get movies and television shows from the iTunes Store. However, an App Store specifically for the Apple TV would offer users so much more possibilities. You can still watch the newest series, movies and other content, but you can also play games or install the most handy apps. There are several apps that would be convenient for television, for example, Skype or Spotify. With an integrated store in your television, your favorite applications can be quickly displayed on your big screen.

More clues are coming

People are waiting on Apple TV updates for years now and they will have to wait a little longer. There are many rumors and hints, but nothing is for certain yet. The first moment the company might share something about new features is the fall of 2015. It is even possible we’ll have until next year before we hear more. But the chances are that the features of the streaming device will definitely be expanded to keep up with competitors such as Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, and even Google’s Chromecast. The possible addition of an App Store is certainly a noteworthy development!

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