In today’s digital world online, advertising has become more essential as consumers expect to gather product knowledge at the click of a button. Consumers will quickly move to other brands if they do not get the information they want. And the online advertising job is to ensure product information is effortlessly available for customers.

Therefore businesses need to go online as well to catch their online audiences. And, it is only possible with Digital Marketing. It is way much better than Traditional Marketing.

According to Statista, the global digital ad revenue generated in 2017 was over $227 billion. Though, the figure will increase 46 percent that is around $332 billion in the coming time.

Today we will talk about digital marketing strategy 2021 and evaluate what techniques you should use to promote your brand and attract customers.

But to develop a better Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to understand AZ about Digital Marketing, I mean what exactly it is?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing strategist to promote products or services by using online platforms or digital channels.

Also, to reach your target audience, it is essential to know what channels are available to implement your Digital Marketing Strategies? Because that is where you will find your Digital Audience.

Below are some essential Digital Marketing Channels you can use to reach your target audience.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

Each digital marketing channel is essential to promote your brand and its products. Here I am describing a few of them for you.

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant content to engage the audience. Clearly, it defines what type of services/products you are selling out in the marketplace.

We better know, nowadays people prefer going online for several things whether they want to buy a product or service. They look for everything right at their fingertips.

Therefore, your brand needs to be present on online platforms. And, to attain the attention of the audience, content creation and marketing are musts. The characteristics feature of content marketing is to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and attract up digital audiences.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as the process of printing and promoting. Online marketing activities such as blogs, podcasts; share them with different social networking sites to increase visibility.

Organizing an advertising campaign with a few second videos on Facebook can encourage the audience to be self-accepting. All such activities are social media marketing.

The objective of a business is to achieve true leadership and make a position of its brands.

That is why marketers are using social media marketing. It can help them to show their products online on social platforms. They are the fast and most cost-effective way for a business to reach its customers.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is incredibly effective as maximum audiences are now online and the first step to know about anything they perform is to search on Google. You can do various SEO activities to display your brand on Search Results. You may use backlinking for such a strategy.

Perform the SEO activity on the regular basis then only you will be building a strong position on the Search Engine.

4. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing provides the audience with something valuable for a free or interesting option. No matter what is in the content, viral marketing encourages people to share with others.

To let many people receive the content’s message, the characteristic of viral marketing is that digital marketers are using a compelling message. By creating and forwarding a message they can gain the attention of their customers.

Viral marketing online by posting their product features on Instagram with the words are more effective. Therefore, viral marketing will be easy for brands to reach their target audience. Although, the viral content is good, in my opinion.

5. Paid Advertisements (SEM)

I will recommend businesses to invest in paid advertising on social networks to boost the visibility of products.

You can select any advertising channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. start your Digital Marketing Campaign.

Now I hope you have understood something about digital marketing. So, it is time to go deeper and understand various aspects of the business landscape. For that is essential for you to have a solid b2b digital marketing strategy.

A solid marketing strategy helps you to fight various market obstacles. It streamlines the marketing process so that you can grow your brand.

But what is a digital marketing strategy: an integrated approach to online marketing, and what is its job? This might have come to your mind while reading the above line, right?

Don’t worry, let me summarize every step with you:

Digital Marketing Strategy: The Best Way To Meet Business Goal

Creating a digital marketing strategy is nothing but a simple roadmap that tells you how you will meet your business goals. You may find this somewhere similar to the preparation of a traditional marketing strategy. But the difference is that here you will be doing everything for the online platform.

  • This marketing strategy is regardless of what type of business you are running, whether it is an online bakery shop or online grocery shop, it helps you in achieving your business goals.
  • So if you are seeking to take your business to the next level, you need to follow the right marketing strategy.
  • This will give you the overall approach you should take to meet the goal. Also, it will give you an idea about what type of actions you can execute at each level of the marketing journey.

No matter what type of business you are in or, you are just beginning the journey or, you have already placed your business in a better landscape. These strategies will help you in finding your place in the market and also grow it to the next level.

Steps You Should Involve For Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation And Practice

Various marketers are using different strategies to increase brand equity. For that, you need to adapt to new trends in marketing. You need to spread your brand to various mediums and channels.

But you cannot jump directly to social promotion. There are several other things you need to consider while preparing a digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Here, I am breaking out a few simple and straightforward steps you require to take to formulate a digital marketing strategy for your brand.

1. Specify Your Objectives

First and most essentially, you can only proceed in business if you are clear about the digital marketing objective.

What is a digital marketing objective?

The digital marketing objective for any business is customer experience. It is believed that customer experience is the key to your future success.

So, investing in both offline and online marketing channels is better. Rather recognize that a good customer experience returns a customer into a loyal one. Therefore you should focus more on your service improvement. You can categorize yourself in different forms such as:

A) Brand Awareness

Is your viewpoint for your brand is to increase only brand awareness?

Think about how you can create awareness among people about your brand, then plan it according to win with clear brand awareness objectives.

B) Lead Generation

You must want to generate leads for your online business. So, you should have proper planning for lead generation. Make sure it works effectively and gives you better results.

C) Sales

Is your motto is to sell products or services? Increase sales of your product with proper planning.

Whatever the explanation is, you need to recognize your targets and diagram them to ensure why you are beginning your business on digital platforms. This is significant in business because it is going to assist you in measuring achievement. Overall you can understand what strategy and what approach you should apply in the business process.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

The next step for digital marketing strategy best practices is to identify your target audience. As there are different groups of people out there with different tests and interests. So you need to plan accordingly.

Make sure you target those people who need your product and service, instead of wasting wealth on not interested audiences. You can try targeting the audience with different aspects like:

A) Gender

Characterize your target audience based on their gender. Firstly understand, for what audience your business is made? This means, if you have a business for selling women’s dresses then your target audience should be females. Similarly, if you have a business selling men’s skincare products then your target audience is male.

B) Age

Target audience as per their age groups. Suppose you are a bookseller and have a variety of books in different categories like drama, comic, spiritual, etc. So if you want to sell comic books you should target children rather than old age groups.

As per a Yahoo study, 54% of clients discover customized advertisements to be all the more captivating. McKinsey’s study shows that promotions custom-made to customers’ requirements can altogether expand ROI – up to multiple times, and lift deals of at any rate 10%. (

B) Location

Start targeting the audience following the location or geography. Suppose you are selling products especially for your local people. For example, you have a bakery shop in Delhi and you want to serve people living in Delhi, where your target audience is Delhi’s people. So, your focus or target audience should be shifted to other states.

Even broader if you want to serve in a particular area of Delhi like Lajpat Nagar, your target audience becomes people living in that particular area.

Once you are aware of a target audience, start planning for the solution you can serve in a better way.

3. Connect With People Through Emails And Personal Message

Emailing or messaging has become essential these days. You can even use social channels to message your targeted audience. This way, you are keeping your audience know who you are and what you serve.

  • How is your brand different from others?
  • What difference do you have in the price range of products?

Offering mail regarding your service helps in clearing all these types of questions your target audience have while purchasing the products. So, start testing different forms of messaging that is A/B testing of email campaigns.

4. Grab Customer Attention Using Incredible Content Marketing Strategy

You can make informative content (How to) that clarifies all the ins and outs of any service/product. Its favorable circumstances are just as detriments. You can even create something that explains your brand in the form of a story (storytelling).

Integrate your past clients to review something specific about their fulfillment with your Business. These are generally used to pick up the trust of the clients and transform your leads into paying clients.

You can utilize Entertaining content generally on online media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Focus on delivering engageable content that satisfies customer queries in one go.

5. Have Your Website

A website is a free and simple way to attract customers for your business. Here on the website, you need to put everything about your business like:

  • What do you do?
  • In what area does your service satisfy customer needs?
  • What price range are you offering?
  • For what time your service is available?
  • What type of payment mode your selling process works?
  • Do you deliver products at doorsteps?
  • Do you have customer support?

Particularly, you can use free content in various ways; some are available below.

  • When you represent your brand on the online platform, you can instruct your clients with the advantages of them purchasing an item from you or presenting a lead to your business, or building partiality to your business.
  • It very well may be messages that contain insights and numbers. For instance, you’re stating “40% of your companions have purchased from us” or “20% individuals in this market have bought from us and have a 95% fulfillment rate”.

Those sorts of things help to offer validity to your brand and they stand apart very well when you are showcasing it on the web.

6. Launch Your Mobile App

Nowadays, the maximum traffic you get from smartphone devices. People most time is spent on mobile so having an app for your brand is helpful for you.

7. Run Ad Campaigns

If you want to reach people quickly then start running Ad Campaign smartly. Design Ad in such a way that you can run it to any device. You can use Google AdWords, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other.

8. Offer Digital Discount Coupon

Furthermore, sometimes people hate advertising, right?

Especially when it pops up suddenly on your screen but now they are using creative advertisements to attract potential customers’ attention and increase sales traffic. Deliver the advertising message to their customers in the form of a digital discount coupon.

Customers can get a coupon when they click on the advertisements and slide their finger across the screen to open the present box.

Besides, you can allow the digital coupon to use on online stores and physical stores. The purpose of this campaign is to engage with customers and let the customers remember the experience.

9. Have Right Social Media Marketing Strategy

Regularly post some content on social media platforms. But you need to have content that follows global standards and guidelines. The content is allowing for the brand message and keeping global standards. These actions also help you to save the course on traditional mediums.

The main objective of using the online platform is to promote brand awareness. Writing copies for social media strategy planning and media strategy are the main activities for social media channels.

Besides, it allows customers to purchase from anywhere, anytime by accessing their websites on different social media platforms.

10. Be Active On Social Media Platform

Most of the time we see the number of times the customer reacts, comments, and shares are much less than the number of times of views.


This is because you did not respond to the customers on social media. This shows that you have less engagement with the customers.
This way you are losing the target audience. To avoid the mistakes I will suggest better setting up a communication tool or creating a team to manage their social media page online.

Whenever someone signs up for an email, sends a message or comments, he or she will get an immediate response.

A solid social engagement will help the company to boost its brand awareness. As everyone can see the interactions on your page and customers can feel that your company cares about them.

Besides, as I have mentioned above, social media is the best way of engaging with the audience.

11. Partner With a Social Media Influencer

It involves endorsements and promoting your products through influencers who have an expert level of knowledge and social influence in their field. By adding viral marketing, the hierarchy of effect model provides a basis for understanding how advertising can influence behavior.

Advertising will be more effective in the early stage of hierarchy due to the customers becoming aware of the product through advertising.

12. Provide a seamless shopping experience

Besides, you can allow customers to purchase from anywhere, anytime by accessing their websites.

Provide an online seamless shopping experience for customers. No matter if they are using a smartphone or desktop. The system helps data to serve its customer by providing fast and efficient service.

Such as accessing websites is easy. Besides, the app will help you to increase revenue by four to five times.

You need to realize that it needs this system to position itself against competitors in the market. Customer behavior is changing during the digital era period.

13. Analytical Review To Optimize Your Business Plan

Analyze all your marketing plans using various analytical tools. The action will help you understand where you stand and what are your setbacks. After having the report of each activity you can improve it to gain more profit.

14. Make use of the latest technology.

Implementing AI technology in your business process simplifies things in a much better way. Use chatbots for better customer services. As per the specialist, there will be around 75% to 90% of queries solved by chatbots in the coming year 2022.

Wrapping Up!

Utilizing all the above digital marketing strategies, you are essentially attempting to bring an audience from different online platforms. These steps will help you to construct good relations with your potential customers. So keep on sharing data with them, and at some point period to convert them into a deal. This way you are developing and energizing your business to gain wealth.

If you need to design elements of a digital marketing strategy for your business then check all the above points described in this article out by the end. Additionally, remember to leave a comment below if you find these online marketing strategies beneficial for your brand. If you do so, you are encouraging others to the same benefits.


Q1: How to prepare b2b digital marketing strategy?

A1: Try the below b2b digital marketing strategy to attain your business goal more effectively.

  • Research About The Targeting Audience
  • Research Demographics of Your Potential Customer
  • Have an Informative and Engaging Website
  • Effective SEO Plan
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Be Attentive In Social Media Platforms

Q2: What is the best way to implement a digital marketing strategy?

A2: The best digital marketing strategy implementation and practice are as follows:

  • Create a Customer Persona.
  • Identify Your Goals and Tools.
  • Focus on Blogging.
  • Evaluate Existing Digital Marketing Channels.
  • Automate Marketing
  • Nail Mobile Optimization
  • Use Chatbots To Reach Customers

Q3:What are the Digital Marketing Trends for 2021?

A3: Some of the digital marketing trends for 2021 are

  • Use Of Mobile App
  • Video Marketing
  • Chatbot
  • Use Of Automation Tool