With the due improvements being made with regard to the Digg iOS app September hence forth, the mobile traffic has increased up to 24 percent and now boosts of a whopping 12 percent of the users.

Digg Social Reader, which is a Facebook Timeline app, which actually enables the friends to know what you have read via your Facebook profile. There has been a 4 times increase in Digging and Commenting about, ever since its launch in December.

Thus it never seemed more appropriate than not, to finally introduce these two apps.

Starting from today, you shall be able to log into the Digg iOS app with Facebook and hence forth will be able to send out the stories that you have read or Dugg, along with your comments being made to the Timeline Facebook’s Ticker.

And just like the web version, you have the choice of whether to turn the Social Reader on or off and can decide what exactly you wish to publish.

With the help of the application settings, you can decide whether to publish reads, Diggs or comments. You can also delete a specific story which you don’t wish to add in your Facebook Timeline.

Team of Digg hopes that this will add on to the much improved user experience. It will allow you to share the news and will make you friends read the same, something which they may have otherwise ignored.