In what looks like an effort to advance the social discovery characteristic of Digg, the service has launched a new feature called the Newswire. “Newswire”, is a real time Top News section on Digg that enables users to be editors and help to opt the Top News instead of just reading it.

On the Digg website, there is a link to “Newswire” Beta on the top navigation bar. You just need to click on this link and it will bring you to the Newswire, where news displays in real-time in an activity feed on the right side of the page. From here, you can observe which users are digging which news. Once you have submitted a story to Digg, it will automatically be featured at the top of the recent section of the Newswire. As the story is Dugg by other readers, it will commence to move up the ranks in the Trending segment.

The interesting thing about Newswire is that in addition to seeing how your news performs, you can filter the Newswire to match your interests and find out other interesting news. You can sort the News feed by the number of Diggs, video, images or text and topic. It will be fascinating to see if the Newswire can help out the troubled business, as it faces severe competition from the likes of StumbleUpon and Reddit.

On first impression, this is an exciting new feature that might facilitate to connect users more frequently. Though, looking deeply in this feature, it proposes that it can surface some attractive content if you tweak the filters to some extent. All of the users are surely fascinated to see how the Newswire expands as it is an appealing idea with a lot of potential, but whether users who have left Digg are attracted to come back and try it out as a diverse story.