Yes, the cat’s out of the bag, finally. For all the Blackberry fans out there- RIM has officially coined and confirmed itself as BlackBerry- it’s the most awaited launch and a reason to rejoice and bask in the mood. Yesterday, the globe all over witnessed the launch of the most sought after Smartphone from Blackberry’s kitty, the dazzling BlackBerry Z10.

This device is touted to turn the fortune tables for the scrambled company and it does have the potential to do so. A sleek and lightweight beauty dawns from the manufacturer and is loaded with the best, one can expect.

The features are mind-boggling and are up against the best in the competition. Presence of a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor further enhances its chances. Being just 0.8 ounces heavier than iPhone 5, it is still a winner. It boasts of a better and larger screen resolution than Apple’s iPhone 5. The resolution stands at 1280×768 pixels, at par with Lumia 920, but the Z10 is much lighter than Lumia.

Enlisted below is the comparison of the specifications of the various Smartphones, available in the market, with Z10. The real question is:

Can Z10 withstand the test of time? Is it capable of bringing back the company to a formidable position? Your views are much welcome in the comments section.