Today Microsoft has introduced a new cool app for their Windows Phone 7 operating system called “We’re In”, which on the surface appears to be Microsoft’s analysis of Google’s Latitude, which permits users to share your position with friends in real-time through your smartphone.

Google’s Latitude also performs an analogous job, but “We’re In” is a way lot diverse than what it does. With this app, you can craft an invitation and organize for a rapid meet-up or an occasion with simplicity. The app is not like Foursquare, which has been crafted to transmit your location to the rest of the places around the world. Instead, the app is designed for making it simpler to plan an occasion with a group of friends.

Microsoft has distinguished their app to some extent; location sharing is time susceptible and can be made with just a phone number as the requests are sent by the means of SMS. A mobile browser version is also available for those who don’t use Windows Phone 7

“We’re In” shortens the procedure of systematizing these kinds of get-togethers. One user crafts an event, adds friends to it using his contact list, then adds title to the plan and opts how long he desires people to share his location details.

For the time being, “We’re In” is available in US-only and for Windows Phone 7 platform only, so we can’t perceive business being too quick as Microsoft’s mobile Operating system holds only 1% of the smartphone market as per the research carried out by research organization Canalys.