Gmail Offline

This is an interesting Chrome extension that allow you to access your mail while offline. You can easily check your email without an internet connection and reply to mails as well.  The app takes all the necessary actions ones the internet connection is available.


A new version of wikipedia is now available on your Chrome browser. The extension provides all that you are looking for, in a new look and a new layout. The extension also features larger images and an audio playback.

Office Online

This is another free and useful extension for all those who are  used to Microsoft office. With this extension there is no need to install the Office software on your PC. Simply download this extension and start creating Microsoft office documents like word, powerpoint and excel for free.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This application allows you access another computer from your Chrome browser. This is a useful way to access important files in another PC.


This is another cool Chrome extension that helps you share your favourite content on the web. Easily share photos and videos to social channels like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using this extension.

Google Tasks

This is one of the simplest tool to manage to-do lists and notes on your computer screen. The app lets you simply add tasks, Strike them off when done and create news task lists.


This is a free spell and grammar checking app, that helps you check your writing with ease. The extension helps in easy checking of grammar for Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.




Save web pages with ease using this simple application. The app is really useful for saving articles,videos and more so you and visit and view them later.



Realtime Board

This is an online collaboration tool that helps you with your mockups and brainstorming sessions. One can easily create design mockups and notes that can be discussed with fellows.