As Twitter has turn out to be the de-facto communication network, some part of the content being shared spins around purchasing and selling products through customer’s public graph. @Shopr is introducing a new service that connects customers and retailers on Twitter.

Basically, @shopr utilizes Gnip for hunting the people from Twitter who are advertising their products and looking to purchase products. The @Shopr creators revealed that in their preliminary research at present approximately 7,000 Tweets per hour related to e-commerce and people looking to purchase and sell items.

Customers can look for on @shopr’s website, by indicating the product they are looking for and their locality. @shopr will connect buyers with the suitable Twitter users who have Tweeted about the product which they want to sell. Consumers can also Tweet @ShoprBuy about what they are looking for and at which place they want it and the service will Tweet back when they discover the preferred product. @shopr will also permit customer to observe images of their desired product as well.

If you are a retailer and you Tweet about your product, @shopr will display posts in their search engine until they clarify that what they are advertising and where they are selling it. Retailers can also tweet @ShoprSell telling what they are selling, their locality and the price of their items and @shopr will then match this with a demand from a purchasers.

@shopr says that at present the most desired products posted on Twitter include books, tickets, apartments, cars, bikes. What makes this service exceptional is that it permits retailers and purchasers to spread out further than your Twitter social chart, which could be very helpful for both purchaser and local vendors and products.