Apple’s new iPad HD will be launched in Taiwan in the coming weeks, with mobile operators in Taiwan unveiling that customers are now having the facility to register for the tablet, marking the first time they have been able to sell one of the most demanding gadget in the world.

Two of Taiwan’s top three operators – Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone Telecommunications have already started taking preorders for the 4G-enabled iPad HD tablet.

A spokesperson for Far EasTone said “the company will soon unveil an official sales date, suggesting that Apple could declare the next phase of its worldwide iPad launch within the next week”.

Apple announced on April 16 that the new iPad would be made available in Dominican Republic, St Maarten, Cyprus, Malaysia,El Salvador, South Korea, Brunei, Croatia,Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama and Uruguay on April 20, launching in nine more countries a week later as part of its third wave of worldwide launches.

The nine countries included Thailand, South Africa, India, Israel, Montenegro, Colombia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The most important elimination is that of China, with Apple yet to declare when the tablet will launch in one of its most emergent markets. The company is presently involved in a trademark stand off with Proview, which could be a factor in the device’s delay, however Apple has frequently been late with launching of its products to the country.

The iPad is reportedly still not cleared to launch however, disregarding of any legal criticism it faces.

Last month, the Wi-Fi version of the iPad was said to have passed the required processes for its launch, though Apple is reportedly still waiting on full authorization for the cellular version, which is required to pass certification in order to access Chinese telecom networks.