When it comes to locating your favorite apps in an app store, there are really only a few options. For the Android operating system, the most recent option at your disposal is Google Play. It’s composed of over 450,000 different apps and that number is climbing every day. Locating apps in this way is what most industry insiders refer to as “app discovery”. There are several apps whose main goal is to introduce other apps to new users. They work, in a sense, almost like an extension of app stores or marketplaces in that they show you which apps are trending and which are most suited to your interests.

How The Android Market Affects App Developers:

So, how does this affect app developers? Obviously, as an app developer, you will want your apps to be seen and downloaded by as many people as possible. Apps whose sole purpose is to promote other apps are certainly great ways to spread word about your product. This is certainly easier with the Android platform where there are multiple marketplaces and apps built to promote discovery. One such app is called “AppBrain” and it’s full of all kinds of information regarding a plethora of different apps.

But, the Android platform is far more open to this sort of promotional tactic than Apple’s iOS platform. The fact that you can only find apps in a single app store can severely limit any iOS apps. In addition, Apple recently made the controversial decision to remove one of its foremost app discovery apps (AppGratis) from their app store. They seem to be directly opposed to promoting apps through the use of other apps. By contrast, Android is more than willing to allow cross-promotion across a wide range of apps and marketplaces. The exclusivity of Apple might dissuade developers from using their service.

Inclusivity Of Android Operating System:

But, there is no debate about the inclusivity of the Android operating system. It is far and again the leader in accessibility and the sheer volume of their clientele. You’re also more likely to earn money with an app that is built on the Android platform. At the outset of Google Play, some developers saw about five times the revenue from their Android apps compared to exact replicas with their iOS apps. This was largely due to the fact Android users had been shut out from quality apps and were more willing to pay the extra money.

There has and always will be an argument for and against each type of operating platform. Some will say that one platform is far more dominant than the other; however, at this point, things may have evened up a bit, but there’s no denying that Android developers have a better chance of getting their app discovered then they might with the iOS platform. In terms of making money, that’s a definite plus. Culling from the Android user pool of over 300 million also helps a lot. While the debate will always be as hot as coal on fire, there is definite proof that the Android market is heating up a little more than Apple iOS.

Martin Blackman is an Android app developer from Australia. He has created more than 20 apps and offers advice on the Android app market.