After surpassing the market cap of the 2 biggies and its biggest competitors of the tech world (combined) in the beginning of this year, Apple is just not looking back. Apple had come a long way since 1999, when its market cap was meager $9.29B and emerged as an enormously profitable company.

Apple has attained such great heights that its iPhone business alone has made Microsoft run for its money. It is just 5 years since commencement of the iPhone business and in December, last year iPhone alone generated a total revenue of $24.4B as compared to Microsoft $20.9B.

After winning the legal battle with Samsung, the Cupertino-based company has again made news as its market cap soars such heights that it has surpassed all the 4 tech. giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook) combined. Check out the figures:

Value by market cap:

Whereas, Apple is standing alone on the top of the hill and crushing all its competitors with an enormous figure of $632.56 billion which was only $9.29B in 1999. By looking at these figures all we can say is that Apple inc. is on fire and An Apple a day keeps your competitors at bay.

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  1. I am shocked to see the figures. Seriously man, Apple is doing some great work out their. After reading this, i can say that i am a proud Apple user 😀

  2. Apple has taken a huge jump from a low figure in 1999 to such a high and shocking figure in 2012. Great work Apple!

  3. Apple success story is just commendable…few years back Microsoft and Google were way ahead than Apple but now Apple has surpassed all these firms..Apple has brought revolution in tech industry

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