In today’s technology age three names come to mind. Those are, Facebook, Apple, and Google. All three are powerhouse companies with an enormous amount of users in many different countries. While they are all catering to different desires, they all have one common thing in mind, dominance. Facebook the largest social network, Google the best search engine, and Apple the best technology for tablets, phones, and music players. All three are learning from each other, and whether they like to admit it or not, are in direct competition with each other. Facebook and Google have been battling to become the “the Internet” as we know it for quite some time. And under the radar, Google has come out with the Chromebook, while both Facebook and Google have launched successful application platforms to compete with Apple. So what is next for these companies?

For Apple there is some interesting routes that they could take. They already have the head start advantage of providing the necessary means to browse the Internet. This is something Facebook does not have at all, and Google has had slight success with the Chromebook and the Google phone. Still they are no where near Apple in terms of users, and design. This is why Google is trying to make computers that have the sole functionality of the Internet. This means, all of your apps, programs, files, etc are all on the Internet. Apple better pay attention to this unless they want to be uprooted, especially with the resignation of Steve Jobs. Google and Facebook have a way integrating everything into one, and if Apple is not careful they may find themselves being passed up.

So what can Apple do? For Apple at this point one thing, and one thing only makes sense, and that it to make a search engine.  In case I lost you here, just bear with me. With recent firing of Yahoo’s CEO, I had a spark of an idea. First, why did Yahoo fail? I think due to the fact that their website looks like a news site other than a search engine. Second, how could someone turn Yahoo around? I instantly thought of Apple. Yahoo is worth around 15 billion. Apple is sitting on profits of 75 billion and stocks are selling around $380 per share. In my opinion, this is a great time to expand their capabilities and revamp Yahoo. Of course they would drastically change Yahoo. And probably at some point just replace the name with Apple or Apple Search, we’ll leave that up to the marketing experts.

The really interesting thing is thinking about what Apple could do with a great search engine. Using what Yahoo already has in place, and putting the polishing touch of Apple on, could be an amazing thing for the Internet. Not to mention instantly you would have millions of Apple users turning away from Google. What a thought, right? Applications could be infused with your search home page. You Apple ID could be an Apple email address, and everything would be done in Apple style, which is what all of us Mac heads love.

Now as far fetched as this idea may sound, it is something that could viably happen in the future. It may never involve acquisition of another search engine, but as long as the competition is present, we can assume Apple, Google, and Facebook will be fighting for tech domination. If Google continues to push Chromebooks, and Google phones while trying to take a bite out of Apple ( excuse my pun ), then don’t be surprised if Apple fires shots back. Personally I can’t wait to see the future and what the big three have to offer, it is going to be quite a ride.

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  1. When the hell was this written? “Google has had slight success with the Chromebook and the Google phone” Excuse me? I’d hardly call Android (Google phone?) a “slight success”

  2. It does not make sense for Apple to acquire google, Apple’s strategy is not aligned with Yahoo’s, plus Apple and Yahoo are distinctly different companies. If Apple did but Yahoo, I would expect they would just keep them as a subsidiary, take it private, and keep yahoo in it’s back pocket if it ever needed it. Apple needs to maintain focus on what it does best, if it loses sight of that, it would not be good.

  3. Now why would they do that again??? Apple did not become successful because they took the advice of bloggers. They did it solely on creating a market that wasn’t there. Such as with the ipad itunes ipod and yes the iphone the design all cell makers cannot resist trying to duplicate. Everything apple is designed to keep you in the apple food chain a search engine would only help you find a way out.Now something they can do is buy a content provider like comast did if there’s fox universal and disney and whoever else buy the person that doesn’t want to negotiate sign deals with the rest and and kill netflix for all ios products and create a new revnue stream

  4. Would Piss me off to see Apple go into search and not have any sort of investigation by the government for anti-trust. Google is getting it right now from congress for going into the Phone market with money they got in regards to Search, which is stupid.

    Apple on the other hand pays manufacturers in the plants in china to make this part but ONLY make it for them. Items they don’t even own the rights or patents to, just a shady deal with a manufacturing plant then they’ll charge a 300% markup…

  5. Interesting notion. But it makes me think of Microsoft’s attempts to do similar things such as buying Hotmail & launching Bing. While I don’t think these moves have especially hurt Microsoft, I don’t know that they have been overwhelming successes either. Certainly these moves haven’t given Microsoft power enough to be relevant for this article. Apple has always been focused on its hardware and software products and let users choose what websites and search engines they use. Ping has been a less than impressive foray into Facebook’s domain. Frankly, I don’t see Apple’s need to compete with Google’s search engine capabilities, especially with Google Search integrally tied into so much of Apple’s software and OS.

  6. Apple can’t be super pleased with Google’s competition to the iPhone with Android but one main fact that we doesn’t feel is that if Apple were building a search engine, they’d be hiring search experts and engineers.

  7. Steve,

    Coupl’a things…

    1) As far as I know, Yahoo has all but divested every ounce of it’s search infrastructure to Bing. Buying Yahoo gets a relationship with Bing, not search engine technology.

    2) Apple will most certainly solidify its position in search, but not with a search engine as we presently understand it.

    The title of your post is compelling, but one of the comments above provide a clear hint of how Apple tends to reinvent segments. They will do this for search and a more vivid picture of that strategy emerges in about 40 hours – the advent of iOS5 and integrated findability through the OS and apps.

    Search (for Apple) won’t be a search bar. It won’t be a search page. It won’t even require typing. Search for Apple will be unlike traditional search at all. It will simply emerge unseen, without fanfare, and without any proactive search effort from users.

    Apple is far too smart to try to take on Google on its own turf. Instead it will move the battle lines to mobile – a blue ocean where it finds few competitors and even fewer game-changing incubators for the future of search.

  8. @Ray Goldman:

    Apple owns non of it’s patents? You’ve been reading toO many bogus blogs who are jealous of Apple’s success. Apple has over 3000 patents. Steve jobs has more than 300. Lay off the ganja man.

  9. Thanks for the comments guys, just checked into this one today ….. so sorry about the delay.

    @Brian – That was directed more towards the Chromebook, which is slightly successful. Error about the phones, Android is very successful. The Chromebook however, wants everything to be on the internet, but I am not sure people are there yet. Especially people building applications, creating web pages, or graphic designers. Heck, even the people that just love their desktop.

    @biggerandbetter – I am sure Apple is not taking my advice. Anyway, users of Apple’s products are going to search, which will take them “out of the apple chain.” Regardless of where it takes them, they have to start somewhere. Starting on Apple Search, is better than starting on Google search. I do agree with you on the streaming content subject. There is a big gap in the streaming business right now, and Apple has the power to capitalize off of it.

    @raygoldman – Your information is incorrect about Apple not owning it’s own patents.

    @Saxon – I think Bing accounts for around 14% (give or take) of the search. Now maybe that’s not “overwhelming” – but that is huge, and it is helping Microsoft, not hurting, in anyway. Apple may not have the need to compete with Google, but they sure have the brand power. Not saying it would happen, or would even be remarkably successful – but if anyone could do it, it would be Apple. Yahoo has already formed its partnership with ABC, so it’s not a likely scenario anyway. Apple doesn’t have the need to compete, but Google, Facebook, and Apple are competing. Facebook is even in the talks of releasing a Phone. Only time will tell. When Facebook goes public next year, I am sure a lot of new strategies will be rolled out.

    @Bill French – I like where you head is at by saying “Apple Search” will be completely different, and revolutionize what we would even consider search. You’re kind of vague, but nice outward thinking……As far as Apple being to smart for taking on Google on it’s own turf, I guess Facebook and Google are not smart enough to stay off Apple’s.

    Thanks again for the comments, and I’ll try to answer quicker if any others pop up.

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