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With an open letter to Apple by Taylor Swift, with love, has opened new windows of opportunities for the new artists, as it is believed. Now Apple has announced that ‘hundreds’ are working on curation, it is again going to sweep the music industry with a storm.

As the news propagates, Apple has made it clear that the secret ingredient for the company’s and industry’s growth is human curation. Big changes are expected from the Biggie.

Connecting links of the story

It all began with a love letter, actually not that kind of love letter, but an open letter by the richest young star and one of the biggest selling artists on the planet, Taylor Swift. This To Apple, Love Taylor got everybody stick to the screens or glued to the newspapers. The open letter clearly announced that Taylor Swift won’t be making her new album ‘1989’ available on new Apple Streaming Service. This was simple. According to Apple’s music policy, the artists were to go unpaid for the first three months of the free trial period. Taylor claimed that it was not about her it was rather about the new artists who have just launched their first album and would not be paid for their success. So this is how it all began. Just for a reminder, Taylor made similar claims against Spotify as well.

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What happened next?

Now Apple could have given a cold shoulder to this claim but actions were to taken because there had been great paradigm shift in Apple Music model. Considering the facts, earlier than this, Apple made real expensive changes including buying Beats Music, hiring brainy like Trent Reznor and DJ like BBC’s Zane Lowe, and shifting from music downloads to streaming. These changes didn’t come handy. The big beast like Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio, Pandora were already crowding the streaming market.

What will happen next?

The story is still in process and no one can actually predict what is exactly going to happen. But there are certain things which can be guessed. For instance, this feature of human curation is going to win Apple more fame and money of course.

And with this action, the major companies might stop free streaming with ads, which will adversely affect the big music companies like Pandora, Spotify, and others. Now people need to wait and see how this big change will change the entertainment industry and how it is going to be channeled, themed and branded.