The stage is set and it is confirmed, Apple iPhone 5 is coming. Putting a rest to all the speculations and eavesdropping and the guesswork, Apple confirmed the highly awaited launch of the brand new Apple iPhone 5. The much coveted iPhone will be revealed to the world on October 4, 2011. Though it would be wise to not let your horses run wild, here is a shortlist of what to expect from the upcoming precious product.

A New and Refreshing Design

There have been vociferous rumors that the iPhone 5 would be look alike of iPhone 4, gaining momentum after Apple made available iOS 5 the cloud friendly operating system which will soon be an integral part of the current and the future iPhones. However there would be changes in the inner functionalities, but the physical framework, it was believed, would remain same enabling the users to slide in the new iPhone 5 in the same old cases of iPhone 4. Well here could be a bad news, or good news depending on how you take it. But if the eye witnesses are to be believed, the new cases for iPhone 5 will in no way accommodate the already available iPhone 4. Thus it can be inferred that there will be certain noticeable radical changes in the design of the iPhone. Some believed it would be thinner or tapered; other observes it would be wider though we have almost a week’s time to find out.

A Faster Phone

It wouldn’t be too hard for even a dim wit to predict this, would it? Why would any company, especially Apple, go for a major product launch without considerably upraising the performance standards? With increasing the utility and dependency on the smart phones, it is bound to uplift the performance standards and the presence of the A5 chip, Apple’s custom dual-core CPU only reaffirms the same predictions. Besides it is also likely of Apple to upgrade the amount and quality of RAM which directly impacts the performance, even more so if Apple chooses to provide certain other added features.

Better Screen and Cameras

Apple is still facing the burns of competition when its Android competitors outshined Apple iPhones in the screen size and camera resolution department. Though Apple iPhones offers a kind of similar camera resolution but its screen size is smaller than many slab Android phones. With the launch of a new product Apple may work upon the previous shortcomings and may surprise the users with a larger screen, an impeccable 8 megapixel camera and full 1080p video recording. Though these changes won’t be easy and would require Apple to increase the horsepower in order to sustain the same changes. Furthermore an enlarges screen would call for more battery life thus Apple may have to increase the battery size and capacity, one thing it’s been adamant not to do.

More Carriers

To supports its omnipresence in the industry Apple may openly welcome a few more carriers. It already has both CDMA and GSM phones. It would most probably welcome one more carrier partner with the new launch. Experts are betting their money on Sprint which like Verizon uses CDMA. It is clear that to gain the advantage Apple, want a share of vulnerable situation where T-Mobile has fallen apart and AT&T is vying to obtain it.

However these are mere predictions, to rest the anxious speculations let us just patiently await the launch of iPhone 5.