iCloud is a personal cloud storage system launched by Apple Corporation which provides you with a complete solution of one-stop content, document, application, and configuration synchronization service for your all mobile devices and personal computers. The step to develop this kind of technology was taken in the Apple Worldwide Developers conference. Its wireless portability and limited local storage has made it an appropriate mechanism for implementing content on your smart phones.


The basic concept of the word “Cloud” is that it is a storage sachet that delivers data to various devices on a temporary basis. With its capacity of transferring data between devices, the cloud will soon be commonplace in our lives.

Now let’s talk about some of the most attractive features included in iCloud.


iCloud allows its users to store their iTunes at an Apple data center, where they can be poured out on any of the apple devices. If you buy some song, it will automatically get downloaded on all your Apple devices. Not only this, Apple has recently announced a program which will enable its users to upgrade their songs at a speed of 256 kbps, no matter from whichever source you have bought that song.

Photo Streaming

With the latest advancements in its gadgets, Apple has presented this feature through which you can easily upload pictures, the only thing you need to do is to take pictures from any of your iPhone or iPod. These photos will be stored in the icloud and then can be processed to any of your apple devices. You can store up to 1000 photos at a time and iCloud automatically creates a folder of these photos which are then stored on your computer. With this feature, you can make your world look more beautiful as you are free to play with the pictures of your choice whenever you want and wherever you want them. Overall, photo stream will help you to solve the common problem of uploading photos.

Complete Backup System

iCloud includes all the specific device data which is not only transparent but also cross platform backup system which provides you with the capacity to generate information on many devices with a single application. It provides a complete set of solution for your devices with a standard pass code screen lock.

Automatic Update of Your Mails and Calendar

iCloud enables you to get all your mails on all your Apple devices. If you receive a mail on your iCloud, it will be automatically updated on the various devices which you are using. Even if you make any changes in the events of your calendar, those changes will also be updated on all your devices. Another important feature of this is that if you add any contact on your iCloud, it will also be updated on all the devices and keeps a proper record of all the contacts, mails and calendar’s list of events.

Apple is still making its continuous efforts to provide its customers with the latest advancements in the field of cloud technology. With the launch of iCloud, Apple has now established themselves as a leader in the consumer market for cloud technology.