As the market for virtual existence technology continues to grow, Apple has made a striking acquisition that could further advance its role in this space. Techcrunch has confirmed that Apple has bought Faceshift, a startup, established in Zurich that has built up the technology to create high quality animated avatars and other things that capture a person’s facial expressions in real time.

Faceshift was established by a group of Swiss analysts who built up a procedure for scanning facial expressions to make symbols and different assumptions that catch a man’s facial gesture within actual time.

Faceshift’s movement-capture innovation has already been utilized as a part of the film and video game productions and was recently viewed in a background video for the latest Star Wars film.

There were many rumours earlier this year of Apple’s acquisition over Faceshift, but with no definitive evidence of the deal, Apple continued to be mum. Meanwhile, we dug up further sources and convincing links between the companies, and a delegate from Apple has today accepted the acquisition with its customary comment:

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

“This acquisition fits in with some of Apple’s most recent deals which have centred on machine learning and related technologies such as voice recognition, augmented reality and artificial intelligence,” he added.

The price was not disclosed, per usual with Apple. It is additionally vague what Apple’s intentions are for the organization after purchasing it. Except for its $3 billion Beats bargain, Apple normally acquires small sized organizations for their tech and their groups.

On the other hand, perhaps Apple is going to make mo-cap versions of Apple keynotes and afterward transform CEO Tim Cook into a Wookiee a while later. I am hoping for this.