Amazon is going to introduce a service that would offer customers access to a library of books for a fixed monthly charge.

Amazon is apparently in talks with publishers about this service launch, but however it is still unclear that how far the project has been completed, with this many publishers are not too glad with this Amazon’s idea.

Amazon is supposed to have presented publishers a large fee for joining this service. Though, the discussion on fee negotiation are said to be in their initial stages.

The information concerning this project are insufficient but it seems that the library would mainly include older works with limitations on how many books a customer can access every month. This service would also be accessible to users of Amazon Prime, a membership program that provides its users free shipping and access to TV shows and movies for $79 per year.

The company is also rumored to launch a 7-inch tablet, which might become a very serious competitor to Apple’s iPad, according to some analysts.

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