Amazon has started testing a redesign of its trading website and it could predict the launch of its own tablet, according to rumors. The testing has already began last week and will persist to be rolled out to further patrons but a full launch date of its redesigned site has not been disclosed yet.

The new design will be cleaner and less congested, with additional white space and a bigger search box. In the new revamped site, it has been observed that the wish list and shopping cart are simpler to get to and is more spontaneous. Amazon said that the redesign will come with more eBooks, MP3s, more number of apps, and digital games, which is all fascinating stuff which is suitable for tablet users.

A tablet- optimized website works satisfactorily with reports of Amazon’s personal Android-powered tablet. Earlier, we have heard a rumor that it might be launched by October this year and prior to that some users have even perceived specs for the product; others have predicted about the price $250 and triumph of Amazon’s own tablet.

This low price label could make Amazon’s tablet the iPad’s top contender as the company would get huge revenue from sales of apps and services on its tablet. Additionally, the redesigned website will be the default homepage for both PC visitors and tablet, only those will browse this site from their Smartphone would observe a mobile-optimized site which will be something different from this redesigned website.