Have you got your 16GB model of Nexus 7? If yes, consider yourself very lucky. If not, you would have to wait for some time now, as demand for the tablet exceeded the expectations of the Google. They have stopped taking new orders for the same. ‘Shipments of the $249 model delayed for one or two weeks’ was a message posted by Google to its online store and the product page on Google Play shows a ‘coming soon’ message for the buyers. Also, the interested buyers can drop an email to be notified later when the product is available in the store again. The 8GB model costing $199 is still available at the store with the estimated shipping time of 3-5 days.

The sources revealed that Google seriously underestimated the demand of $249 version. Google notifies that the orders from last week will be fulfilled soon, but due to insufficient stock at the store, there is a halt for new order placements. This shows that the Nexus 7 tablet captured the market all over, and Kindle Fire is left unnoticed. Better screen, high performance, better user interface and most importantly impressive price of this tablet made him win the league.

The 8GB version of Nexus 7 tablet didn’t work really well, which was expected by Google. As the company thought that the lower priced model would attract more buyers with its 8GB physical memory and cloud-based storage solutions. But, the game took a new turn, Buyers showed more interest in storing their files on the tablet instead of making use of cloud computing. This was the major reason that made 16GB version out of the stock. With increased demand of this device, third-party retailers also stocked 16GB version of Nexus7 tablet at their outlet, while the 8GB version is made to available at the Google play store only.

Since, both the devices have variant features for their target audiences, and Google has sold plenty of units to the buyers. It is not surprising that the 16GB version is no more readily available in the market, even at Google play store.