Christmas is one of those times on the year when everyone loves to indulge in the festive spirit. It is the time to give, receive and in today’s highly globalized world, Christmas is the perfect time for mass consumerism. People love to buy for themselves, family and friends. Although sometimes, the festive spirit takes a backseat because of the harsh weather. But if you own an iPhone, you can certainly celebrate a White Christmas with comfort. There are number of Christmas apps available for iPhone to make your Christmas a tad more merrier. Here are some of the amazing apps that you can select for your iPhone.

App 1- Christmas Countdown w/Music

This app called Christmas Countdown w/Music is a free app available for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app provides a countdown for Christmas and has holiday music. Another interesting thing about this app is that it has a tree that keeps growing larger as the Christmas day comes closer. When you touch objects on the screen, you will hear some additional sounds as well.

Download iPhone App- Christmas Countdown w/Music

App 2- Christmas

Most of the times, there is a lack of good Christmas themes and you get to hear the same old themes at most of the places, that too playing in an endless loop. If you are fed up of this, then you should get this app. This app is available at $0.99 and has a good collection of Christmas songs in different styles. It is no doubt a good app that gives you a refreshing collection of tunes. So let your hair down by listening to these great fun filled tunes.

Download iPhone App – Christmas

App 3- Christmas List

Now that you have already checked that which day Christmas is falling on and you have already planned everything for the day, then it is time to pay attention to the most important thing. That is, buying presents for everyone. But buying gifts is certainly not an easy task. To make your job easier you can use this app called Christmas List available for $2.99. This app has a simple interface and lets you track what presents you have and for whom. It also tells you what stage of preparation they are in. therefore, you can easily plan your shopping list.

Download iPhone App- Christmas List

App 4- Christmas Lights

You can have some Christmas themed fun with the help of Christmas Lights app. This is a free app that provides you with fairy light fuses that need to be connected in a rotating puzzle game.

Download iPhone App – Christmas Lights.

App 5- Christmas Bells

This is another great app that will turn your iPhone into yet another interesting thing. What this Christmas Bell app doe is convert your iPhone’s screen to a bell. You have three types of bells that you can display on the screen and it also has a Christmas countdown.

Download iPhone App – Christmas Bell

App 6- Shotgun Santa

If your idea of Christmas is a bit different and you are fed up of all the goody goody show, then here is your chance to show your evil side. This Shotgun Santa app is a great game in which Santa has to protect presents from the army of zombies. So go ahead and wreak havoc with this app on your iPhone.

Download iPhone App- Shotgun Santa

App 7- Sleeps to Christmas

This app is a virtual Christmas countdown. This app displays Santa with the number of sleeps more to Christmas. This is a simple yet interesting app, with great features like Christmas tunes, amazing looks and snow effects as well. What is best of all is that this app is absolutely free. Download this app and let your iPhone count the days for you till it is Christmas.

Download iPhone App – Sleeps to Christmas

App 8- Christmas Book

If you are one of those who enjoy to have a good time with family celebrating Christmas in the old traditional style, then this app called Christmas Book is apt for you. With this app, you can enjoy old fashioned and traditional Christmas stories. This app has a good collection of stories, Christmas carols, and various other things that really go well with the Christmas season. What are you waiting for, then?Go ahead and download this app to enjoy a number of Christmas stories and share them with family and friends.

Download iPhone App- Christmas Book