Looking for an alternative keyboard option for your smartphone ? You’re not alone. A lot of smartphone users are switching to third party keyboards for so many reasons. First, third party keyboards usually come with way more features and stuff than the default ones. Second, they provide more keyboard customisation options, faster typing, better user experience, you name it. The recent rise in the number of third party keyboards in the market indicates that there is a real demand for fast, feature-packed and powerful keyboards. With this in mind I have put together a list of best keyboard apps in the market, that I have personally tested, and had a good experience with. Most of the keyboards are available for both IOS and Android devices, so just scroll down and pick up the keyboard you’re looking for.


Gboard is probably the most advanced and widely used keyboards out there, and it’s backed by Google itself. It provides speed, reliability, better user experience and supports glide typing and voice recognition. Another best thing about Gboard is that it has Google search built-in, that lets you search and send literally everything from your keyboard, from weather forecast to addresses, links, articles and much more. It also provides search for emojis and GIFs, and supports multilingual typing so that you don’t have to be switching between languages manually.
It’s available for both IOS and Android users.

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is an all-in-one keyboard app for stickers,GIFs and face emojis, for people who love to have fun while communicating online. It has the largest collection of sticker sets and literally millions of trending GIFs at your disposal that you can download and use on almost all the top messengers and apps including Facebook messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp.No keyboard or app switching required, all your favorite stickers and GIFs are right in your keyboard with the search function, to let you easily find the right sticker for any conversation. The keyboard also comes with smart auto correction and word prediction, to let you type faster and not worry about the spelling mistakes. The app is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Swype is a super fast and smart keyboard app, aiming to provide better and faster typing user experience to all its users. It learns your typing style and personal language and gets better the more use it. It suggests the words you use the most as you type, and gives you immediate access to a has a crowd sourced language dictionary where you can find the most up to date phrases and hotwords. Swype supports bilingual typing, voice recognition and comes with three tablet keyboard designs you can choose from. It also lets you customize your keyboard according to your needs, including long-press delay, keyboard layout, vibration, and more.
Available for IOS and Android users.


Fleksy is a fast, flexible and fully customizable keyboard app for both IOS and Android smartphones. It lets you equip your keyboard with powerful features using the available extensions, such as hot keys, number row, stickers, GIFs, cursor control, editor and more. You can easily add punctuation, cut and insert words with just a swype of a finger, and express yourself with funny GIFs, emojis and stuff. Fleksy uses next generation autocorrect and word prediction to let you type accurately and save time while you type. The app comes with a number of keyboard themes and designs, and lets you choose the keyboard size you’re most comfortable typing with.


Swiftkey caters to all typing styles, preferences and tastes. It’s a powerful keyboard app using artificial intelligence to provide the best typing experience for its users. You can easily type words and sentences by swiping from letter to letter. It learns from your writing style, identifies the words and emojis you use the most, and provides the most accurate word prediction. It also features a smart autocorrect to provide faster and hassle-free typing,and supports bilingual autocorrect over 150 languages. The app is available on Apple Store and Google Play store.

Hacker’s keyboard

This third party keyboard has separate number keys,arrow keys,Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys, punctuation in its usual place, and most resembles the keyboard you have on your computer. It supports multitouch for modifier keys and provides a number of keyboard layouts for over 30 languages. This is an alternative all purpose keyboard app for people who are comfortable with the keyboards they have been using on their PCs for a long time. Plus, you’ll find a lot of options to customize the visual appearance of the keyboard interface, input methods, and key behavior settings.Available on Google Play Store.


TouchPal is yet another alternative keyboard option, with swipe typing and predictive text functionalities. It lets you type faster by sliding from letter to letter, and its AI powered autocorrect makes sure to provide fast and accurate typing experience. Apart from that, the keyboard uses less keys on the input interface to make typing even more comfortable and avoid misspellings. TouchPal supports tons of GIFs, emojis, and stickers, and lets you customize your keyboard using different themes, wallpapers and layouts. Check it out on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Slash keyboard

Slash is a powerful app letting you do more with your keyboard than just typing words and phrases. It gives you access to the things you’re most likely to use a lot, such as sharing photos, music, locations, etc, and aims at boosting your productivity. It does so by featuring a built in search functionality that you can use to search literally everything from your keyboard. Slash keyboard is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Here they are. Eight powerful, feature packed and widely used third party keyboard apps for any taste and IOS and Android operating systems. If you were looking for a good alternative keyboard option for your smartphone, don’t even look further.