Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use for sharing visuals. It has become an essential platform for business enterprises to promote or advertise their product and brand.

Around 81% of people are researching about product and services using Instagram (Hootsuite)

Instagram has around 1 billion monthly users, making it one of the most commonly used social media apps. You can post pictures and videos that help one gain followership.

Gaining followers or popularity on Instagram is not an easy task as significant numbers of people are fighting for the limelight. So just posting photos and videos won’t be enough for anyone to position themselves on Instagram.

Along with visuals, one should add Instagram Captions that help to share context for your visuals. It expresses your brand name in a way that visuals themselves can’t do.

Relevant Posts on Instagram can drive traffic to your profile, but It’s the captions that bring engagement and interaction to your posts, which results in a high user retention rate.

Catchy Instagram captions help you attract a new audience to your page while keeping the users engaged and making them spend more time on your page. Now we have discussed few things about Instagram captions. Let’s talk about why captions are essential for brand promotion.

Why Should Brand Use Instagram Captions?

A good caption makes your visuals look more attractive, keeps your users engaged, and builds a strong relationship with them. Let’s look at some benefits of writing Instagram post captions.

  • Captions make your visuals and text connect.
  • It makes your photos more sensible or relevant.
  • Caption helps in search engine optimization(SEO).
  • It helps people with hearing issues understand your posts.
  • Keep users Interested and Engaged.

You can write captions in the form of a short story, Jokes, and questions that will attract an audience to your posts, and along with captions, one can add emojis and hashtags to make posts more engaging and interactive.

So, now we know how brands can use the caption to boost their post engagement. Let’s dig into our topic, Top 7 Tips To Use Instagram Caption For Brand Promotion.

1. Describe Your Brand

The first thing you have to keep in mind while writing Captions on Instagram is to tell your audience the story of your brand. Captions should reflect your brand personality and reputation.

Here’s an example of a Lego brand. In this caption, they smartly told us they are in business since 1969, which builds their brand reputation and trust in users’ minds.

You have to choose attributes that describe your brand best as most users prefer a brand with a reliable and respectable social media presence and The next step is to use those attributes in your captions to make them look more appealing and professional.

You can also add your brand tagines to your caption to tell users what your brand stands for, and It also helps to describe your brand in a few words to users.

2. Add Questions To Boost Engagement


Adding questions to your captions is an effective way to increase post engagement on social media platforms. Asking questions to users will allow them to respond and come up with an answer that will keep them engaged and interested in your posts.

Ensure that the questions asked are relevant to your posts and should not be any random questions because that will not boost your post engagement.

Asking questions is the easiest way to increase comments on your posts. It can be in the form of an open-ended question and feedback questions that will encourage users to give their suggestions.

3. Keep Your Captions Short And Sweet

Source: Socialbakers

Caption length is another factor that you should take into consideration while writing captions. You should write a caption in a way that describes your posts in a few words only.

Adding long descriptions restricts users from reading it and decreases your post’s retention rate as no one wants to read a whole essay on your post.

Your caption should cover the main highlights of your post and should not exceed the recommended length.

What is an ideal length for Instagram Caption?

According to Instagram, The ideal length for writing a caption is 140-150 characters for organic posts and less than 125 characters for sponsored posts.

4. Write Important Words In The Beginning

Make sure to write important information in the first few words, as these are the words that will decide whether the user will read the entire caption or not.

In the above image, Nike announced the important information, which was the post’s main message at the beginning of the caption.

Try to capture your captions’ vital information in the 125 characters, as only the first three lines of your captions will be displayed in the user’s feed. After that, they have to tap a ‘Read More’ option for an entire caption to display.

5. Use Related Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags in your captions helps you reach out to your target audience. Make sure not to write hashtags in more than three words. 

Here are the other things you should keep in mind while adding hashtags:-

  • Don’t use more than 9-10 hashtags per post.
  • Keep your hashtags in less than 24 characters.
  • Add hashtags that are relevant.
  • Don’t use too popular hashtags.
  • Find hashtags that are trending.

6. Add Emojis To Attract Audience

Source: Socialbakers

Research has shown that adding emojis to your post makes it more likely to grab consumer attention and boost engagement.

Try to add emojis relevant to your post as non-relevant emojis can look redundant and might confuse users. 

Using Emoticons in your post makes it look beautiful and add a bit of personality to it.

7. Never Forget To Add CTA


Using a call to action at the end of the caption instructs the user what they are supposed to do after reading the caption. 

If the users want to know more or want more information about your post, then a CTA will help guide them to the next step.

Some examples of CTA are:-

  • “Comment if you can relate.”
  • “Share with your friends.”
  • “Click the link in bio.”
  • “Like if you agree.”
  • “Visit our website for more info.’


The Instagram caption is useful for providing context to your visuals that will allow you to interact with your users. If you follow the right approach for captions, then it will nurture your brand personality and reputation.

Follow these 7 tips to use Instagram captions for promoting your brand and increasing your reach.

Do you have any other tips on how to use an Instagram caption that is not mentioned here? 

You are welcome to give your valuable opinion in the comment section.


Q1.  How To Add Captions On Instagram?

A1.  Follow the below steps to add caption on Instagram:-

  1. Tap option at the top.
  2. Choose photos or videos from your library.
  3. After selecting photos and videos, click next to add any filter.
  4. Tap next, and tap the ‘write caption’ option.
  5. Enter Caption and tap OK.

Q2.  What Is The Character Limit Of Instagram Caption?

A2.  The maximum character limit on Instagram is 2200 characters, but you should know that it will show 125 characters in the user’s feed, and the remaining word can be seen after taping on the read more option. Just because the limit is 2200 characters, it doesn’t mean you have to write your captions in that many characters. There’s an ideal Instagram Caption limit, which is 140-150 characters for organic posts and less than 125 characters for sponsored posts.

Q3.  What Are Instagram Caption Tools?

A3.  Instagram caption tools help you write engaging and Interactive captions for your post. Here is the list of the best Instagram captions tool:-

  • Captiona

      This tool not only saves your time but provides you the best Instagram captions ideas that will boost your user’s engagement. Some features of Captiona are:-

  1. Finds a caption that matches your post
  2. It saves time and reduces stress.
  3. Simple to use and advertisement-free tool
  4. Boost posts Like and Engagement
  • Hemingway App

      This App helps you edit your captions by finding commonly made grammatical errors. Hemingway app lets you write Bold and Clear sentences. You just have to paste your text in the online editor, and It’ll analyze your entire text and share the final report of the accuracy of your text.

  • Grammarly

       Grammarly is another tool that helps you find any grammatical error in your text, and It also suggests to you what will be the better way to write any particular sentence. You can also find synonyms of the words used in your text to make the text look more attractive.