If Windows 8 is a shape, then it is a rectangle. The design and iconography of the fresh user interface focuses right shapes and angles that line up edge to edge. Even Microsoft’s newly launched tablet, Surface RT hits the rectangle hard, specially with its Touch Cover and kick stand.

The most important thing about rectangles is that they perform well in different angles. And the Lytro camera, with its magical focus-after-the-fact capabilities, does angle in a very exclusive technique.

The Lytro camera make use of light-field photography technology to capture images where you can select which part of the photo is in focus when you are observing them. The company few days ago introduced new manual controls for the lytro camera that give its users more options while capturing photos.

Check out these 8 which were captured at Microsoft’s windows 8 launch event by lytro camera, and do let us know which one you liked the most in the comments.

1. Surface tablets everywhere


2. Up close with the UI

3. Windows 8 poster

4. Windows 8 laptops

5. Using the Surface

6. That Start screen

7. Touch cover