In today’s trend, people are shopping for groceries, products and almost everything online. Customer’s matter the most in any kind of business and we need to give them the best service. A business person always aims to grow and make it better for the people. It is successful when a particular customer frequents our store or business.
People have been starting up a small time business and they want their customers to be using their services and product often. Entrepreneurs and shop owners give their customers the loyalty points for being consistent. The loyalty points will help them to redeem it and get the discount next time when they are visiting the store. Customers are given the loyalty points, in the form punch cards and they can use it later on.
Mobile apps have been setting the current trends and have taken the world by storm. Work is done with the fingertips, by just tapping a few options on the smartphone apps. There is a hike in the number of people taking to stores and buying commodities for themselves. They earn the points in the store, but after a few visits, the cards would pile up in our pocketbooks.
It is the right time for us to switch to the world which is on the digital mode. We need to shun the old style of giving punch cards to customers and adapt to the app world. There is a set of few apps available for giving reward points to the customers for the purchase they have made. It is not only with the reward points, we can even fetch the information about the streak they maintain during their shopping.
Here, we have the list of the best apps in the store which we can use for our customers. Let’s check them out.
This app is considered to be one of the fastest growing apps in the loyalty program. It provides different services to its customers, like personalized rewards, campaigns, publicity and blend in. Belly is not for the people who are into small time business and expect it to be inexpensive. The app has a subscription cost of 50 dollars to 100 dollars per month. Once we set up an account, it will provide us a QR code, with that we can give rewards to the consumers.
Most of the businesses provide its customers with reward points or loyalty points. Perka is an app which gives rewards to its customers with the number of sales it has made with an individual. All we need to do is go into a store, buy the product, we need mention our name and our app will get punched. With the rise in the number of punches, our status will get changed to as priority (VIP) customer and we can avail offers.
We can even give a feedback or complaint about the experience we had at the store. Customers have an option to post about the shopping they have done at the store and let the business spread. It has a free version as well as a paid version at 35 dollars per month, where it has added features to it.
In the age of smartphones, there is a smaller part of the population which does not own one. The people who don’t have a smartphone, for them we can provide a plastic card of LevelUp. We have multiple choices to make the payments with the help of the smartphone.
If, a customer makes the payment with the app, then they give special discounts. It is not only with the reward points and stimulus; a bonus is given to the customer and the employee. All, they need to do is encourage the customers to join the customer loyalty program.
The first and foremost thing which the enterprise people do is to collect the email identities of the shopper. We can use a tablet or smartphone to track the details of the customers. A customer can use the app or the card which is provided by SpotOn, with which they can recoup and gain the bonuses as well. If, we want to gain the extra benefits, just go ahead and spread it on the social networking sites.
Customers can collect the spots for each time they check-in to a store and shop for something. A big bonus for the retailers is that, SpotOn accords a tablet, so it is easy for them to know about their customers. We can manage the popularity of our store on the cyberspace; generate customized offers and fealty schedules for the consumers.
It is one of the apps which works based on the location we are moving towards. Foursquare is said to be the most famous apps which allow the retailers to give rewards to their customers. The app mainly focuses on the people who spend their time on the social networking sites.
A trader needs to add the business in the listings and keep it up-to-date with discounts & offers. Once, a customer starts to search for deals and offers on Foursquare, they will be easily directed to the best offers available in the locale. The app has tools which the merchant use to analyze the pattern in which a customer shops.
Attracting new customers for our business, is a challenging task, Punchcard is here to help us out with it. We can search for the customers in the proximity, who are frequenters to the stores in the location. It follows the conventional way, but in digital mode, depending on the number of visits by a customer they can redeem the offers. We need to pay around 29 dollars per month for using this app, depending on the features we want to avail.
It is one of the most use customer loyalty mobile apps by the merchants, as the interface is easy for us to use. Customer’s details are fetched once they walk into the stores or anywhere around it. The app is predominantly designed for the retailers who are in large scale which will help them to know the about the buyers. A shopper may get the “Kicks” not only for buying picked items; they can get it just for checking the deals as well. Shopkick is presently targeting the small time businesses and it’s trying to reach more and more people in the ghettos.
Towards the End
A business can turn into a big success only when there are more customers flocking the stores and buying products. There is no better way to make customer stick with our business, by giving them the best offers. Competition is picking up with the businesses growing and spreading in large scale. Mobile apps have come as a great rescue to the traders, merchants and retailers.
Giving punch cards and gift cards to the customers for their frequent shopping has become days of past. The business people have adapted to the technological changes which is happening around them. There a few who may not be satisfied with the existing apps and they are expecting which is unique, creative and innovative. For those kinds of merchants, they can design and develop their own mobile app for their respective business.
If, we are launching our own app, then the reach amongst the public would be even better. It will help us to provide a better service to customers with the existing mobile apps. Customers would be happier with the discounts and offers which are specially made for them. In the age of mobile apps, an app for tracking and reward points for the customer will definitely make the business exceptional.