More and more businesses are realizing the tremendous power and potential of Android apps – not just apps developed for their business, but for use within their daily operations. From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, these are the best Android apps for businesses in today’s world.

1. Chrome


If you want a great browser that doesn’t suffer from your phone’s OEM software drawbacks, then getting a new browser right away is a very good idea. Chrome is Google’s own browser, so it makes sense that it work wonderfully with Android.

2. Evernote

No business user should be without this powerful note taking app. You’ll find that it offers myriad possibilities, including audio and video notes (you’re not constrained to text notes only). What’s more, Evernote will be rolling out some pretty powerful new features in upcoming updates, so getting the app now is a wise idea.

3. Any.Do

Every business user knows the power of having a list. Any.Do is a task manager that offers simplicity, an easy to use interface and quite a bit more. It’s also a free app, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

4. Cloud Storage

Ok, ok, this is a type of app, rather than an app itself. The reason the category is listed rather than an app name is that there are so many great cloud storage apps out there. For instance, there is the ubiquitous Dropbox app, which has long been the frontrunner in terms of cloud storage. However, you might actually prefer Google’s Drive app – it is a pretty handy app, and since it’s from Android’s developer, it should integrate nicely with your phone.

5. Swiftkey

Let’s face it; typing on a phone’s interface is a pain (even on as spacious as the Galaxy 3S). Thumb typing isn’t particularly fast, nor is it very accurate. Swiftkey can kick things up a notch for you. Just slide your finger from letter to letter and the software creates the word you want. No more tap, tap, tapping, just fast communication, which is something that all business users will appreciate. The keyboard does have a learning curve, though, but it’s pretty short. You should be swiping like a pro in no time.

6. Avast

Security is always a major concern for business users. After all, you’ve got tons of sensitive files, emails and other business documents that can’t really get out of your sight. Smartphone security has become a big concern in recent months, but Avast’s mobile security app can provide you with all the security the company offers for PCs, right on your handheld device.

Author Bio: This post is contributed by Custom Mobile Apps, a Sydney (Australia) based mobile apps development company, specializes in android app development.