The festive season is just around the corner and surely everyone would have updated their shopping list. Good thing is that your smart phone is there for your rescue and can save you from the additional stress as there are great deals to score using deal apps. The bad thing is that there are plenty of such apps!

After viewing various apps, I have personally hand-picked a few free apps that can help you save money on gift giving and leave you with more cash. These amazing apps offer great discounts and ease of use and hence are an absolute must for this festive season. Here are my picks-


Flipp is a very popular app which acts as an ultimate aggregator to all the e-flyers. All you have to do is to simply select the categories you are most interested in, for instance electronics, clothing, supermarket etc. and you will be able to view all the latest flyers showcasing new products and discounts in that category. Plus, there is also a ‘discount finder’ which offers the flyers sorted by the discount weightage. The app is available on both – apple and android devices.


ebay is undoubtedly one of the biggest marketplace for good deals. They have recently updated their app for iOS, Android and Windows phones. For some items you need to bid but others can be purchased outright. The app carries a strong legacy of eBay brand and can be used seamlessly. eBay has a huge collection of fresh as well as ‘previously enjoyed’ products. You can check the reputation rating of the seller or ask questions before making the purchase. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping cost if you are making purchases from another country.


The already popular website works well even in the app form. You can choose to browse the products basis the category selection or simply type in product in the search bar to get best prices from various merchants. It also gives you an option to scan a barcode of the product letting you check its cost including the ‘BottomLinePrice’ which thankfully takes all taxes and shipping into consideration.


A very handy app that offers the convenience of downloading gift coupons that can help you save few bucks while shopping for gifts and everyday purchases. Now you don’t need to waste time clipping coupons. This app offers thousands of discount coupons which can be used online as well as offline shopping.


The app designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices has already grabbed a lot of eye balls. Groupon is a widespread app which offers deals and coupons in more than 500 cities. For instance, you can get a huge discount on the new salon that has opened in the neighbourhood. If you want, you can also gift these services to your dear ones. The app also tracks your purchased vouchers for example its location, expiration date and even share deals via social media.

You can grab the best deals and offers with all these amazing shopping apps.