Recently some iPhone app developers have shown enough kindness to have their, once paid apps, downloaded for free. Its some serious amount of bucks you can hang on to, if you are going to act quickly. For reasons unknown, the developers have made it free and for the same unknown reasons it could be made paid again.

Path Input

With Path Input all you need to do is to draw a path on the keyboard and instantaneously you will get text predictions while texting. You will learn that this app is super fast and clever with words. The app understands the difference between valid and invalid English words, hence when you draw the path to connect words, the prediction list will always have the word you intended.

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  • Part prediction: The magic is simply in touching a part of the intended word and the app intuitively  produces the predictions accurately
  • Single click copy & paste: Copy and paste…be it anywhere on your device
  • Ease of case selection: Uppercase and lowercase can be easily assigned to words just by selecting them and clicking on the shift key
  • Other languages: Path input supports all major world languages. More in the offing.

This app is designed by TopApp; it will be available with iOS 8 too.


Shapist is a very simple to play puzzle game on your iPhone 4S, and above, as well as iPad. You go sliding and solving 65 puzzles with no strings attached. You are under no pressure to unlock the puzzles but just experience the fine animations and graphics of the game. The new version 2.0.1 has a lot of new improvements such as design, automatic in-game saves, etc.
Correspondingly word spacings are intelligently automatic.

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The minimum OS requirement is iOS 6.0. When not free, the app costs $2.99.

Fotocam Pattern Pro

From Appseed Studio, Fotocam Pattern Pro allows your photos to be provided with an artistic aura. The highly creative effects are put together by brilliant photographer artists who are well aware of how a photo should be presented.

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  • User Friendly: Highly user-friendly, even a toddler can use it for the very first time
  • Real Time: Works real-time alongside your camera and not after the photo is snapped
  • Share and upload anywhere: In the absence of internet connectivity, you can save internally for the time-being

The minimum OS requirement is iOS 7.0. Prior to being offered for free, the sale price was $1.99.

World History Atlas HD with 3D

World History Atlas HD with 3D is developed by Tomorrow LLC. Before becoming free the app was offered at $4.99. A free app this stunning is unlikely. The 3D World Atlas provides the user with information and images of history as he explores the world through the times. The app is available on iPad and iPhone alike.

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The management of content is the highlight of this app. Even when you are not connected to the web, the app will have all information condensed into the maps, so that you have access to information at all times. The timeline includes images of empires, bookmarks and preferences.

The minimum OS requirement is iOS 6.0.

Grid Diary

Developed by Sumi Interactive, the app has given a new dimension to writing your diary. Grids take the place of pages wherein the difference lies in the numerous templates with specific topics or questions. You can frame your diary entries based on these prompts. For some this mode will allay the boredness in writing diaries. Instead of writing vaguely, the grids provoke you to think of the major events for the day and make the entries accordingly; saving time and keeping the diary interesting when you check the entries after a period of time.

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  • Automatic backups
  • Sync with mail boxes and storage sites
  • Attach objects
  • Various security options
  • Notifications
  • A range of formats

The minimum OS requirement is iOS 7.0. If you were to pay, your wallet would have been light by $4.99.

Probability of the apps remaining free for a foreseeable time period is very less. Hence make good the opportunity at hand right away.