Do you get distracted while working on your urgent project ? How often it frustrates you when the deadlines are standing by and some common issues disturb you. Sitting back and working late can really frustrate you sometimes or their may be other factors too that puzzle down your work and its efficiency.

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Fortunately, technology has made it easier to block all those obstacles hampering your work. Here are few apps to download to concentrate on your work efficiently –


This is one of the most popular app that helps you focus on your work. The objective of downloading Isolator is to minimize your distractions and keep you isolated to work. The only thing to remember is that isloator is only applicable for Mac users.You can adjust your setting accordingly and it will blur all the other windows except the one you are working (Hides your dock bar).

Calendly –

As the name suggest calendly is derived from the term calendar. It is helpful to schedule your bookings. The special feature of this app is that it does not accept bookings until and unless it has openings. You simply need to specify the time you are available for calls, meetings or other official task. It will send your schedule off to your co-workers and clients. Calendly will accordingly add your event to the calendar. This is helpful because it will take potential care of your availability without distracting you on your project.


If you are very busy with your projects and wish to organise them as per your priorities, Todoist is meant for you.You can easily set your priorties (what is to be done now and what can be done later). This is very similar to your to do list. Its help to organize your daily tasks, prioritizing them and sharing tasks without spending time and thinking what all was to be done. However, it sets you stress free and gets your work done easily without distracting, no matter wherever you are are.


Once you hear the word Calm, you get a relaxing feeling. No matter how interesting or enjoying job you have, you get exhausted at some point of time. You need a break to relieve your stress and set your mind free. Calm can give you a free guide to mediate from a two minutes long session to 20 minutes sitting. It also offers an additional course of seven days to relieve your soul and mind. You need a break when you are doing multitasking or switching from one to another. At this state your mind will work constantly focus sharply and in result distracts. Spending few minutes to make yourself fresh and relieved will certainly improve your efficiency and interest to work rapidly.


Fine, i know this is not an app but a simple browser plugin for Mac and window users. Though it is not an app but it works effectively and has core value for people who can’t resist the call of the internet. It helps to cut down a few trendy distractions like social media platforms and web browsing.

Thus, the above mentioned 5 apps help you to focus on your project without distracting it. You can write in if you have any other interesting and free apps to improve focus.