If you are one of those Apple fans who unfortunately couldn’t catch up or be part of the latest WWDC of 2017, you are in the right place. WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is an event held by Apple annually in California to showcase all of their latest software and in this case hardware as well. Keep on reading as we have covered a few yet key things to get acquainted with the noteworthy announcements that will justify your excitement and anticipation.

Apple’s New Smart Speaker

The Apple Smart Speaker named HomePod is probably the most awaited product in the smart speaker segment. It basically gives you the ability to control and manipulate smart devices, appliances and much more with merely your voice. The technology is so amazing that it can still hear and distinguish your voice in the event of loud music playing in the background.

If that functionality doesn’t get you going, it seamlessly integrates with Apple Music which lets you enjoy your entire music library, smartly understanding the music preference with your daily usage. It is set to be released this December in US, UK and Australia for a starting price of £275.

The Most Unexpected Yet Powerful Mac

When the iMac Pro flashed the presentation screen of the WWDC 2017, the entire audience was left awestruck. The world had witnessed an iMac in spacegrey finish for the very first time. As the event went on, the excitement added along for the same reason.

This beauty starting at a price point of £3935, packs an insane amount of power! It comes with an option of running an 18-core Intel Xeon processor that is capable of full precision calculation at 11 Teraflops, a whopping 4 TB of SSD, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Port, 4 USB type-C ports for all the latest type-C devices and much more. To top it all, they have also redesigned their Magic Keyboard to feature a numeric keypad as well.

The All New iPad

The latest variant of the iPad from Apple is one of the most beautiful and advanced tablets you could get your hands on. Although the form factor and dimensions being identical to the older iPads, the new one is available with a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch display panel that refreshes at 120Hz, making the bezels seem so much smaller and the on-screen animations as smooth as butter.

Coming to the software side of things, it comes with the latest iOS 11 loaded out of the box. Apple has taken a lot of efforts ever since the release of the first iPad to potentially replace it with a laptop or a computer in general but has failed miserably to do so. But now with the ability to multitask with so much ease and the new preloaded file management application by Apple, there’s finally some hope.

Latest Operating Systems

All of the hardware releases might seem fancy but then what good is top of the line hardware without any good software? Apple happens to understand the same brilliantly and never goes wrong with the amount of care that’s needed for their software. They have 4 different and latest operating systems based on the same core for all of their devices viz. macOS High Sierra for the Mac range, iOS11 for iPhones and iPods, watchOS4 for the Apple Watchand last but not the least tvOS for Apple TV.

Considering the latest variant of iOS 11, few notable updates include the ability to sync your messages across all of your Apple devices, making it much easier to follow-up on conversations. Coming to macOS High Sierra, Apple has adopted a new file system entirely and will be known as Apple File System (APFS) from now on.

Hardware Refresh

The Macs are still one of the best-selling and most popular computers out there and are known for their elegance that Apple tends to primarily focus on. Whereas the iMacs comes with 4 extra USB type-C ports, the entire range of Macs have been refreshed with the seventh generation of Intel processors (codename Kaby Lake).

These processors have a fair number of advantages over their predecessor, clock speeds being one of the most important ones. Apart from that, these processors come with the ability to decode and encode 4K H.264 videos making the battery life of all Macs significantly better as the need for software encoding is totally eliminated.

These are some of the important updates and announcements that were made by Apple in California to the 5,000+ attendees and the endless number of people streaming the event live on their Apple devices worldwide.