Windows 8 app store might be new for the users, but it is now growing at fast rate and the quality of its applications has been improved to a great extent. Despite of the fact that Windows 8 is quite new in the market, developers are taking keen interest in this platform and developing applications quickly which would assist Microsoft in shaping its future.

Here are some examples of applications designs that are revitalizing, providing a new design prospects and proves that Windows 8 apps are not following the foot-marks of its main competitors.

As you will be able to see in the pics below, there is a serious set of attractive apps through which one can judge how powerful Windows 8 user interface can be. Windows 8 is quite fresh in the market and this collection of app designs shows what is to come with this platform when it will become more mature as the time passes.

1. Longzheng


2. AllRecipes

3. Shazam

4. Weather Bug

5. StumbleUpon

6. TedW

7. TuneIn Radio

8. Evernote

9. MemoryLage

10. Wikipedia

11. OneNote

12. Skype

13. SkyScanner

14. Big Picture

15. eBay

16. Fresh Paint

17. Google Search

18. Didlr

19. Hulu Plus

20. INRIX Traffic

21. FlipToast

22. The New Zealand Herald

23. Kayak Flights & Hotels

24. UrbanSpoon

25. iSupr8

26. Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

27. Music

28. News

29. Games

30. SkyDrive