Instagram is the hottest platform compared to the all social media market right now. It is the fastest growing platform in the digital world. Naturally, Instagram is the best place where you want to be and set a campaign.

Did you know of any Instagram hacks that will help increase engagement and improve real followers to your account? In this guide, we will discuss Instagram Tips, Hacks, and Features. You must know when you start marketing on Instagram.

1. Add & Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you want an individual account for you & your daughter? No worries! Create a separate profile from a single device. In fact, whether it’s an individual account or business account, you can include and maintain the account along with a personal account.

Here are a few steps about how to create multiple accounts?

  • Step 1: Click your profile from the gear icon. Now, you can see the three stacked lines in the top right corner for the mobile scream. Tap it!
  • Step 2: Scroll down and come to an end page, then click “Add account.”
  • Step 3: Add any account with a username and password, and finally, you’re in!

If you want to toggle between both profiles, long tap your profile picture in the navigation bar to see all the connected accounts.

2. Optimize Your Bio to Display on the Instagram Explore Page

Your Instagram followers might be your friends, family, and relatives. But increasing more followers to your account would be considered a healthy account! The one & only way to get your Instagram profile to display on Instagram’s Explore page.

The Explore page symbol represents the magnifying glass icon, shown below the Instagram profile. This tab sorts the complete Instagram community by keyword and topic that includes fitness, pets, science, and more.

Using hashtags with your post will help explore your content among the viewers when browsing related hashtags, and optimize your Instagram account with a unique name and bio to promote your profile!

3. Use Special Fonts in Your Instagram Bio

Instagram bio section will make your profile identification and popular growth. You can add special emojis in the bio below the profile. By using third-party software, you can copy some unique fonts infrequently found in the Instagram community.

You can add unique characters in your bio section when you use the LingoJam website. Browse the website from your phone or desktop, type what you want to add in your bio, and display the different typefaces on the right. Just copy the font and tap it in your Instagram bio. At any time, you can change and edit the bio section at your convenient base.

4. Add Unique Characters In Your Instagram Bio

You can also show uniqueness by using Instagram special characters that help to distinguish your brand among the users. If you wouldn’t find more special characters from your phone or desktop, you may use the Character Pad app. This app can find more characters that won’t be found in the 26-letter English alphabet.

Open the application and determine the character that you want to include in your Instagram bio. In Character Pad, you will simply double-tap the characters of your selected characters, then copy this character to your phone’s clipboard. Open your Instagram >> Go to profile >> edit >> Paste the characters.

5. View All Posts You Have Liked on Instagram

View All Posts

Do you know how to check the Instagram post you have liked? Every account user can see the selected post in your Instagram account. Go to profile >> Tap settings >> Click profile icon (iPhone) & tap three dots (Android) >> Tap account settings, and now you can see the liked posts.

If you want to un-like the post you liked, go to the particular post and remove the post’s heart icon. The main secret of un-like posts is that the specific user didn’t notify you that you unliked the post.

6. Browse Instagram Marketers Without an Account

Are you wondering how to browse the marketers without an Instagram account? Yes, it will be possible.

The first way to find Instagram users is by using an Instagram username if you know and adding it at the end of “” For instance, if your Instagram username is techieapps – now you can enter the following address bar: It will bring you to our Instagram profile and the elusive search bar at the top page.

Second, use the Google search engine and find the exact Instagram users. “ of the user).” For example, open Google and enter “site: (techieapps).” We would recommend by adding hashtags to every Instagram post.

7. Post Your Content via Instagram Stories

Posting Instagram Stories are the best way to create your content exposure on your followers’ homepages. Hence, you can share photos or videos to your story, and it will disappear after 24 hours. Most users can click and view the stories. Finally, your content will reach a more audience, and your brand gets exposure.

When your stories reach a larger audience, you will gain more views for your Instagram stories. Hereby, your post will appear on the Instagram feed. For example, if you post the story on Instagram, it will reach 10K followers, and you will gain 10k Instagram story views for your stories. Finally, your brand content will get more audience and gain exposure within a short time.

8. Use Filter While Posting Content

Use Filter while Posting Content

Instagram has an excellent feature to edit your post and upload your content. By using filter options, you can customize your post to be more attractive.

How to do it?

  • Select the photo or video, then choose a filter
  • Scroll down of your filters and click Manage
  • Hold the three stacked lines icon next to the filter on your left side of the screen.
  • Choose all circles to each filter on the right-hand side.
  • Tap Done and save settings.

9. Set Up Notifications When Favourite People Post

Do you miss Instagram celebrity posts again and again? You can choose to get a notification every time a specific celebrity adds a new photo. So, you should activate your notifications for every user individually.

If you want to add notifications, go to the user profile (who you want to notify) >> tap three points in the top-right corner of the post >> click notifications >> toggle on notifications for posts or stories from the menu.

10. Bookmark Your Favourite Instagram Posts

Instagram also has an excellent option to save or bookmark your favourite specific post collections. Go to your profile, click the Settings icon at the top-right of your mobile screen, and choose Saved. Next, click the “+” button and name your new collections.

Tap Next and choose images from your saved section. To save images for future collections, and press the bookmark icon which you want to add:

You want to include the saved photos, move into the notification, choose the collection and click to add it.

11. Utilize Type Mode When You Post Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow you to post any photos or videos that show up individually from your profile, and it will appear in 24 hours. It’s a perfect function for promoting a business, and brands can discover your profile on Instagram’s homepage.

Do you want to enhance your Instagram stories? Use the “Type mode option,” which is similar to the Snapchat stories. You can add captions, stickers, hashtags, and more.

  • Step 1: Open Instagram >> swiping right from your Instagram feed. Launch photo or videos >> then add a caption and press the “Aa” icon to the top right side of your screen.
  • Step 2: After adding a caption, align the text using five fonts to choose from Neon, Modern, Typewriter, Classic and Strong. Pick fonts and various colors.

12. Create an Instagram Stories Highlights

Create an Instagram Stories Highlights

Comes to story highlights, Instagram allows you to save stories in the same space on your profile page. If you wondered what that “+” icon is showing your profile image, this explains it. Create a Stories highlight, click >> New option, and choose any number of past stories.

Then, add a cover photo and give a name to display as its Instagram Story on your profile page. You want to remove Instagram stories highlights at any time by tapping and holding down the story.

13. Post an IGTV Video Content

IGTV is one of the biggest features on Instagram, which you may assume IGTV stands for Instagram TV. IGTV is an Explore page just for viewers’ video content. The main benefit of IGTV is that you can add 10 minutes of video as a user, and Instagram verified users could post 60 minutes long.

You can make your own channel and upload the video about your brand, product, and services. IGTV is similar to YouTube channel. Build an IGTV channel by tapping the “+” icon to the top right of your mobile screen.

14. Hide, Delete, or Disable Comments of Your Posts

After posting content on any social media, you will get responses from your followers and unfollowers. You will gain more comments, both positive and negative. If those comments portray your brand negatively, you will hide them.

  • Steps for Hiding: Go to Instagram app >> select comments >> Hide Inappropriate Comments and enter specific keywords (enter the specific words)
  • Steps for Delete: Press the bubble icon below the comment you did like to delete and select the garbage icon that appears to delete this post. You can also delete your own comments.
  • Steps for Disable Comments: For info, you cannot turn off Instagram comments completely your profile, but you can only disable the comments for specific posts. Go to a particular post >> see three dots from the top-right of the post >> Turn off commenting.

15. Limit Your Instagram Screen Time

After using Instagram, some people forget to turn off the screen. Hereby, your activity level becomes high on Instagram usage. To avoid those mistakes, you can do the below options.

  • Go to Instagram profile >> Click the hamburger menu
  • Click Your activity >> Create a daily calendar
  • Select the period and Set Reminder

16. Select a Cover Photo for Your Instagram Video

You can add a video on Instagram, but you wish to add a cover photo for your videos. Here are some procedures on how to set the cover photo.

  • Use a designing tool like Canva and create an intro image, and then place it at the starting or end of your video with editing software
  • Click the “+” button on the end of your screen to choose a video from your gallery
  • Tap Next >> choose the intro image from the file

17. Change Instagram Highlights Icon Without Publishing

The picture you can select for each highlight should accurately describe what kind of content viewers can expect to see if they click the highlight, so you will want to change a compelling, engaging image.

It’s possible to create the Highlight Icon. Select Highlight picture >> Edit Cover >> Choose image >> Done. Your Highlight cover image is an image now, so you have never posted that on your Instagram account.

18. Hide a Story from Specific Users

Hide a Story from Specific Users

If you want to hide your stories from unwanted persons or followers, you can choose the specific followers and post the story. That particular story shows in green color.

Here is the procedure to hide the story:

  • Go to profile >> Click three plane lines >> Tap Settings
  • Click privacy >> story >> Choose specific people
  • After completing the process, tap in IOS and checkmark in Android
  • To unhide your story from anyone, press the blue checkmark to deselect them.

19. Include Line Splits to Bio

The total number of characters of the Instagram bio is 150 characters. If you want to show your bio with specific and unique, create a bio one by one. Share your info in an optically appealing way.

Go to Instagram bio >> edit the previous bio or write out a new bio (if you create a bio via mobile, use the next arrow or create a biography via desktop use notes). After changing the icon, tap the done. Now, your bio has changed. You can change your bio at any time from your mobile and laptop.

20. Use Relevant Hashtags To Your Post

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags to your post will make your content popular and bring more views from various audiences. Nowadays, hashtags are the main key to success! Hashtags are clickable. You want to become a celebrity or popular on the Instagram platform, use hashtags.

How to find the popular hashtags?

Choose magnifying glass icon >> to type a keyword and hit the tags column >> select a hashtag >> it will take you to a page of posts >> you can see top & related portions of the hashtag page.

21. Follow your Favourite Hashtags

Everyone has specific hobbies in our lifestyle! Mostly women, girls, and teenagers love cosmetic items, and homemakers love cooking & kitchenware. All are expecting new deliveries or items from the brand. If you want to know or buy about the product, follow relevant hashtags!

Choose the Explore tab >> Type hashtags you want to follow >> The particular page will appear on the scream >> now click to follow button.

22. Turn Off Your Instagram Activity Status

You need any privacy from users or followers, and you can turn off the activity status. Hereby, no one is disturbing you! You don’t have to know when you are online or aren’t online.

Click your Instagram profile >> Settings >> Privacy >> Activity Status >> Toggle off your Activity Status.

23. Hide Photos You Have Been Tagged In

Do so many tags add you from your friend or unknown persons? No worries! Instagram provides an excellent feature that saves you! Yes, you can delete the tagged post by yourself.

Here are the steps:

Go to Instagram profile >> Click the person (who tagged you) >> Go to their photos >> Hit the image you want to delta from your profile >> Click three icons >> Click Options >> Remove Me From Post.

Note: If you want to prevent tagged photos from displaying on your profile in the first place. Go to the images of You tab and choose any photo. Select Edit on the top right corner. Here, you can toggle Manually Approve Tags.

24. Reorder Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories

Instagram highlights on your feed act as your brand’s portfolio. So, you can use highlights to evidence for your company’s values, market new products or brands, and categorize various topics you post about continuously.

Hold down the highlight which you’d like moved to the frontlist and click “Edit Highlight” when the slide-up appears. Next, search for an image or video you’d like to add to the highlight. Select “Done” in the top-right hand corner. Now, your Highlight will be first on the list.

25. Use Instagram Reels

Every Instagram user can use the reels features that are similar to the TikTok app. You can create funny or creative videos to share with your friends, family, and anyone on Instagram. The total recording time is 15-second, and you can add multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and filters.

Go to Instagram app, click the camera button in the top-left corner, or simply swipe right the main screen. You will see three options at the bottom of the camera screen such as Live, Story, and Reels. Click reels and select the music.

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Instagram is the most downloaded application in 2020 and one of the popular social media. Nowadays, many brands & online marketers use Instagram to enhance their business. It helps connect with more people, create influence, and make compelling content that’s distinctly yours. Read the article before you go to start the business on Instagram, gain knowledge about Instagram Tips, Hacks and new features!

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