Google Earth is a brilliant tool that lets its users to discover rich geographical content, and allow them to view satellite pictures, landscapes, maps and even 3D constructions. In addition to that, outer space galaxies can also be viewed using Google Earth.

With such a great functionality, this application has become quite famous among the people as one can search the whole planet in few seconds in an interactive way.

Check out some amazing and interesting images below taken through Google Earth and let us know which one do you liked the most in the comments section below

1. The Palm Islands of Dubai

2. Guitar Shaped Mansions

3. Osmington White Horse

4. Face of Satan

26. World’s Largest Fingerprint

5. Iraq’s Bloody Lake

6. The Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci

7. Brunel 200th Birthday Maze

8. Mystery Stone Arrow

9. Auto Antics

10. Ghost Town: Prypiat, Ukraine

11. Wonders of nature

12. Giant Gulliver from Google Earth, Hunters Hall Park

13. Karl’s Maze, Germany

14. Heart-shaped island highlighted by Google Earth becomes hit with lovers

15. Bodies and Body Parts

16. KFC space logo

17. Graffiti in Google Maps

18. Firefox Logo

19. Ni Pena Ni Miedo (No Shame Nor Fear)

20. Show Me a Sign

21. Man-Shaped Lake in Brazil

22. Will U Marry Me

23. Google Escher Effect pic from Houston

24. Issaouane Erg desert, Dunes Algeria

25. Land Art near Munich Airport