Twitter is an amusing place to hang out. The official web app might be ordinary, but there are a whole cluster of third party applications out there to make Twitter a very special app. We have always sustained that if it weren’t for third party apps, Twitter would not at all have been the cultural and social observable fact that it is today.

We use Twitter for a diversity of private and professional reasons and the platform by itself isn’t flexible enough for our requirements. So after the break, we have accumulated a list of 25 web-based apps that fill a dozen loop holes in the Twitter platform. Come check it out!

1. TWhirl

You can install this app on your PC as it runs on the Adobe AIR platform. Turquoise in color, it has a very smooth interface and it checks for new Tweets every 5 minutes which means you are not overwhelmed with new messages. You can also follow people and carry out other Twitter functions.

2. Trendistic

This site gives you an design of current trends and presents them in a graphic format, showing you the percentage that the trends account for at any give time

3. Yfrog

It permits you not only upload photos, but videos as well. The site is also enormously useful and easy to navigate. One straightforward Yfrog feature that Twitpic fails to incorporate is a site search. Yfrog lets you to sort videos and pictures based on reputation, and showcases top search trends on the site.

4. Monitter

If you want to monitor news on precise topics, monitter might be the superior choice. This site lets you to not only search for a explicit location, it also lets you track 3 exact searches within that area — in real time — and displays the results in an easy-to-view, three-column format. You can also regulate the radius of the area that you’re searching.

5. QuoteURL

This seems to be the best option for creating embeddable tweets. The app facilitates you to insert multiple tweet URLs and insert them into a post. You can also insert an individual one, but if you desire to get a stream of tweets to embed, this is the tool for you to use.

6. TwapperKeeper

It enables you to make an archive for tracking a precise hash tag, keyword, or username and gather the data and the number of mentions. If you are concerned in getting logic for how many times a exact hash tag was tweeted, it gives you a total number, along with the capability to search accurately through the archive that you produced.

7. Twittonary

The Twitter Dictionary also known as Twittonary, is the place to go if you cannot comprehend Internet terminology and language. Users can put forward their own words to perk up the database too.

8. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It is a great place discovers like minded people to follow on Twitter. Their directories are comprehensive and users can upload their own accounts into relevant categories for discovery.

9. TweetBeep

TweetBeep is a private Twitter digest. With this app, you can keep track of discussions that state you, your brand, your company, or a keyword and take delivery of hourly email updates.

10. GroupTweet

GroupTweet revolves a standard Twitter account into a crowd communication hub where members can place updates to everybody in the group with direct messages. When the group account receive a direct message from a group member, the web app translates it into a tweet that all your followers can observe.

11. Twit Cleaner

In spite of having a shabby user interface, Twit Cleaner is an attractive cool web app. It examines the Twitter accounts that you follow and notifies you which ones are really helpful and which ones are not.

12. BubbleTweet

140 characters of text is not cutting edge sufficient for you? Surprise your followers by distributing them tiny video replies and messages using BubbleTweet. From their web app, you can also check out the videos prepared by others.

13. Twuffer

To be a Twitter ninja, it might be essential to tweet round the clock. That is where Twuffer comes in to salvage. The app permits you to compile a list of upcoming tweets, and plan them at period of your choice.

14. Twittercal

Twittercal is a web app that connects your Google Calender and the Twitter account. The app might come in handy when you are planning an event for your company or the next BBQ for friends and family.

15. TwitterDMer

Need to speedily DM people with personalized messages? With TwitterDMer, you can now make each of your direct messages exclusive by identifying detailed user details to use. Stock DMs are impersonal and might put off people, so use the app with caution!

16. Twittad

Got an enormous following and looking to find a way to make some money off them? Twittad helps businesses and individuals to send targeted @replies to accounts who mention specific keywords, key phrases or consumers tweeting near your business. Now I know where those spam mentions come from!

17. Twellow

Twellow is a discovery service with a twist. It operates more like a conventional online Yellow Pages app rather a straight up discovery service. Accounts are planned into categories and sub categories and you can find out accounts from the whole range of the long tail.

18. StockTwits

StockTwits is a highly praised investment site that helps people to share ideas, trades, links and charts with the Twitter community. You can find investors and traders and follow them to discover the next great investment or to recognize market trends.

19. Twtpoll

Reacting autonomous or looking to identify the view of other before making a conclusion? Try Twtpoll. From straightforward Twitter polls to full fledged examination the web app is accomplished of running a judgment campaign. In addition to the free plans, Twtpolls has a lot of premium plans for regular users.

20. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter offers unbelievable insights and figures of Twitter accounts and tracks over 14 million accounts. This app also presents a range of widgets and buttons that allows people showcase their Twitter influence.

21. Twitaholic

Twitaholic positions people based on the amount of their followers and the occurrence of their tweets. If you are looking to determine or follow high profile and the most productive Twitter users, you should use Twitaholic.

22. Friend or Follow

Not sure if your friends are following you or what, in spite of what they declare? Try Friend or Follow. As soon as you submit your username (no password needed), the app will allow you to know how many people that you follow are in fact following you. Moreover, you can discover supplementary regarding your following habits, \ too.

23. BrandChirp

If you are small or medium business owner, with BrandChirp you can effectively monitor, manage and track tweets that relate to your brand. The app supports multiple accounts and follows users/accounts based on their location and search keywords.

24. Nearby Tweets

As you might have estimated from the self descriptive name, this web app exhibits tweets from the place you are currently in. Your location is determined based on your IP address and if you discover that the location information isn’t precise enough, try changing it by yourself or use the map to pin point the correct location.

25. Featured Users

Dreadfully looking to increase some followers and not concerned about spending some money? Featured Users might be what you are looking for. The app puts banner ads of your tweets at 30+ websites to make sure highest coverage to your tweets.