Getting more traffic to the website is a shared goal amongst most (if not all) marketers and business owners. And why shouldn’t it! In today’s digital age, the website serves as a storefront where potential and current customers come to learn more about your product and services. And ultimately, they use the same knowledge to become leads and customers.

However, the internet has a lot of competition and with numerous factors affecting Google’s ranking factor – generating organic traffic to the website is a challenge on its own.

Luckily, we have the solution. There are many ways you can generate traffic to your website, and in today’s post, we will look at 21 proven ways to increase your website traffic.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our list.

21 Ultimate Strategies to Generate Relevant Traffic to your Website

1. Understand SEO


You would be doing yourself a grave disservice by not understanding and implementing a proven SEO strategy on your website. Today, SEO is everything, and the right approach will help your website rank better on search engines.

Understand the basics of SEO. Find keywords that are relevant to your niche and target them as part of your SEO efforts. Include meta title, description, and tags on all your content. Implement internal and external linking.

With just a little effort, you can supercharge your website’s popularity on search engines more efficiently.

2. Write Compelling Content

When it comes to websites, the content remains to be the king. And as long as you continue to write compelling content, the readers will continue to come back for more and even share with their fellows – giving your brand more exposure.

When writing content, make sure to follow your SEO strategy and place keywords strategically to enhance their ranking. The content should also be highly researched and according to the user’s intent. You should also make sure you are writing a fresh piece of content and not copying someone else’s work.

3. Get Social

Social media is a dominant part of digital marketing, and having a viable presence on the platform is essential in today’s era.

Use the different social media channels to promote your content. Take note of the unique audience each one pertains to and curate content accordingly. For example, Twitter is ideal for short and quirky links, while Instagram remains to be a visual platform – full of videos and images. Analyse where your target audience resides and leverage your efforts on the specific social media platform.

4. Engage with Audience

Engage with Audience

Simply creating and sharing content is not enough today. You have to let the audience understand that their voices are heard and showcase yourself as an industry leader when it comes to knowledge.

Be active on the social media platforms you select. Respond in real-time to the queries, feedback, and comments left by the viewers about your business. This interest creates a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your business’s value, and in return, you may even generate a click to your website.

5. Start Guest Blogging

As the name implies, guest blogging is the process of writing for someone else’s website. In return, the site owner will allow you to link the post back to your website. With a guest post, you can establish yourself as an authority figure in the relevant niche and earn more backlinks to accelerate your lead generation efforts.

However, the real challenge is finding websites that accept guest posts in your specific niche. Moreover, standards for guest posts are also high, and spammy tactics can lead to penalties. So be wary of the guidelines and take extra caution when proceeding with guest posts.

6. Invite Others to Guest Post

Similarly, you can invite other bloggers to contribute to your website. This will not only bring more traffic to your website but also build brand authority over other competitors.

But again, remember that quality stakes are high, and you should only include high-quality blogs on your website. Otherwise, you may receive a cracking down from Google for posting low-quality blogs with spammy links.

7. Post on LinkedIn

Once upon a time, LinkedIn was primarily a job portal where seekers went to find relevant jobs for their requirements. However, over time, it has become a valuable publishing platform where you can gain credible exposure with the right content.

In simple words, regularly post content on LinkedIn. Aim for work that is high-quality and value-driven. And don’t forget to link the content back to your website/blog in order to gain the required traffic and exposure.

8. Answer Questions on

Questions Answers on

Quora is a question and answer platform where anyone can ask a question or answer the existing ones. You, too, can establish brand authority by answering relevant questions to your field on the forum.

However, don’t use the platform to spam and insert irrelevant links. Only post answers to the topics you know about and make them as detailed as possible.

9. Post on

Medium is another platform that can give you another link-dropping opportunity back to your primary website. is a user-generated site that prioritizes good content. The site’s beauty is that it suggests content to the users based on their reading habits and, therefore, will give you a great place to showcase content with search potential.

10. Internal Linking

While you may focus on your external links, internal links can also get you the exposure you need and increase traffic to your pages. When creating and publishing content for your website, keep an eye on inter-linking opportunities. This will improve user experience and help the SEO of your site – making it more credible.

11. Collaborate with Other Brands

For most businesses, you will be able to find non-competing brands that target a similar audience. Then why not collaborate and cross-promote each other’s brands to gain more exposure.

Find brands that offer solutions to problems for the same target audience as yours. Partner with each other and promote each other on various channels to interact with an entirely new customer base – without stealing each other’s consumers.

12. Utilize Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Did you know that you are 6X more likely to receive a click from an email than a tweet? Yes, email marketing may be considered dead, but in reality, it is one of the most fruitful channels to gain exposure and drive more sales.

But be careful not to bombard your loyal customers with irrelevant emails. Instead, use powerful content and engaging visuals to attract the audience.

Moreover, pay attention to the frequency and timings of your email. Although there is no magical answer to this problem, you can find the most suitable frequency and timings for your email newsletter according to your business objectives. You can also A/B test your emails to see what results in the most open rates, most click-throughs, and fewer unsubscribes.

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13. Post Content on

Reddit is another website that can help drive traffic to your site. It is a news aggregation website that millions on the planet use, and submitting your content to the platform can enhance traffic flow.

However, just like any other website, make sure not to spam Reddit with unusual or spammy content. Instead, post quality content on the platform to ensure only quality traffic drives to your site.

14. Focus on Mobile Responsiveness

With most people using mobile to browse the internet, having a mobile responsive website is a necessity. And if your visitors are having trouble accessing your website from their mobile devices, you are basically telling them to go elsewhere.

Simply put, make sure your website is accessible from all types of devices – including small-screen smartphones.

15. Focus on the Site Speed

53% of website visitors will abandon a webpage if it fails to load within three seconds. This means that if your website takes longer to load – you can say ‘goodbye’ to many potential customers.

To ensure the bounce rates don’t rocket sky high for your website, optimize the images, plugins, and other technicalities as much as possible. Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks) and caching tools if you are concerned about the page speed.

Remember, the faster your page loads; the more visitors will drop by on your site.

16. Add Visuals

Add Visuals

While content is king, there is no denying the importance of videos and images in your marketing strategy. Studies also show that viewer’s retention for videos and pictures is more than text-based content, which means that a visual marketing strategy is essential if you want to hold and grab the visitor’s attention.

While customized shoots work the best for photos and videos, you can also choose to get free stock photos and footage from numerous sites available on the internet.

17. Create Webinars

People love to learn, and if you have something to teach, then webinars are an excellent way to gather a following.

When you hold a webinar, you leave a lasting impression on the audience’s mind as a thoughtful industry leader. They will also come back to your website to learn more about you and your business. And if your webinar targets a specific problem, you increase the likelihood of selling your products and services, resulting in a better conversion rate.

18. Join Podcasts

Podcasts is another marketing channel that is in the rage right now. However, creating a podcast is tedious work, and you will need to invest a lot of time, effort, and resources to begin a competitive one.

But you can pitch in to be a guest in the one that is relevant to your niche and talk about your expertise.

How do you find podcast opportunities? Just Google and find a curated list for your niche. You can also follow competitors and check the podcasts they have made an appearance in.

19. Update ‘Expired’ Content

Look at Google Analytics for your webpages. Check out the rankings of your previously published pages and see the ones that have dropped. With time, some pages’ rankings may have dropped and, thus, would require an update.

See the top-ranking pages and check out what they are offering that you are not. Look for ways you can update the content to drive more traffic and online visibility.

20. Research Competition


You are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage if you are not looking at your competitors and seeing how they are generating the traffic you are not. Research your competitors and assess the type of content they are sharing on their webpages.

Most importantly, see what the audience is reading (and talking about) from their pages and try to mimic your marketing to leverage the same attention.

21. Advertise

Last but the most important technique to generate traffic to your website is to advertise. Paid search and social media advertising are just two of the most fruitful ways of attracting traffic and should be part of your strategy.

However, paid advertising methods can become costly, so make sure you carefully consider them before diving in.

Final Thoughts

These were just some tips to get you started. One of the main goals to establish a website is to generate traffic, and with these tips, we are sure we have helped you get on the right foot. Good luck, and let us know which tips work for you!


Q1: What type of websites gets the most traffic?

A1: Written content and forms of video are the two essentials that get the most attention from visitors.

Q2: What pages should a website have?

A2: Each website that you create should have a homepage, about us page, a contact page, and a blog page.

Q3: Are one page websites bad for SEO?

A3: A single-page website limits your ability to rank for a variety of keywords. This is why at least ten pages are ideal for a small to a mid-sized business website.

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