Instagram has continuously grown as one of the trendiest social media platforms across all industries, locations, and ages. A huge group of the world’s population is now starting to use Instagram regularly. There’s no doubt since it is amazing, both individuals, marketers, and businesses can use it to increase your brand presence, get maximum engagement, become a popular influencer and make money from the platform.

Instagram offers tons of features for users to make their content more attractive and engaging. This incredible and most amazing social media platform is rapidly gaining popularity every day. As an influencer or marketer, you should know the latest facts and changes of the platform to develop your marketing strategy on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll discuss the impressive Instagram statistics and facts for 2021 that will help you to reach new customers and grow your brand on Instagram.

General Instagram Statistics

1. Most Popular In Google Search Queries

The Internet is curious and always great to find information across the world. Nowadays, many people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get their information free of cost. Google is the number one search query for looking at detailed information. Likewise, Instagram appears in the top 10 most popular search terms in Google. It is pretty impressive because Instagram is usually accessed through an app, not a website.

2. Instagram Is 4Th Used Mobile App

It is one of the essential metrics that you should know if you’re looking to reach your target customers on Instagram. As per the data of mobile app use, Instagram got 4th place. Moreover, YouTube is the big video marketing platform to discover tons of videos in all industries. According to the statistics, more people use Instagram than YouTube. It is a big advantage for brands and businesses to reach their target customers fast.

3. Instagram Is 11 Years Old

Instagram was officially launched on October 10, 2010. It has moved to be one of the biggest apps in the social media world. As of 2021, Instagram has been around 11 years old with its amazing features. It offers a variety of options for users, such as single feed posts, video posts, carousel posts, stories, reels, Livestream, IGTV, ads, shoppable posts, and more.

Instagram User Statistics

4. 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

As of 2021, Instagram reached more than one billion active users. Only a few social media platforms surpass Instagram, such as Facebook with 2.8 billion users, YouTube with 2 billion audiences, Twitter with 353 million users, and Pinterest with 459 million users.

5. 500 Million Users On Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced the amazing feature called stories, and it’s similar to Snapchat stories. It takes people by storm, and it looks to become an engaging point for all users to share their videos in a slideshow format. Currently, more than 500 million users use the Instagram stories feature on a daily basis.

6. 88% Of Users Are Across The US

Here are some top countries where Instagram gains the largest users:

  • United States – 120 million users and 63% of Instagram users use the app more than once a day.
  • India – 88 million active users – 7% of users are male.
  • Brazil – 82 million users, and they are aged between 25 to 34 years.
  • Indonesia – Instagram is more popular among women in Indonesia, with 64 million users.

Although, the highest percentage of Instagram reach comes from the United States. Instagram should be a great destination if you’re aiming to reach customers in these countries.

7. 71% Of Younger Audiences

For every social media platform, young people first visit the platform and start to use it. Likewise, Instagram is highly dominated by people between the ages of 19 to 35. As per the research, more than 71% of active users on Instagram are young adults. Instagram will definitely add value to your business if your target markets are that age.

8. 51% Female And 49% Of Male Users

When it comes to gender split, 51% of Instagram users are female, and 49% of users are male. According to the statistics of the United States, 43% of women use Instagram in the U.S than 31% of men. These statistics can provide value for marketers who target only female users or male users.

Instagram Usage Statistics

9. Users Spend An Average Of 30 Minutes On The App

Nowadays, many users spend their free time on different social media platforms. Instagram is one of the most active platforms, and the users spend approximately 30 minutes per day on the app. Posting content at peak times is the strategy to promote your brand to wider audiences and invite new customers to your Instagram account.

10. IG Business Profiles Visited More Than 200 Million Users Daily

Instagram is impressed with businesses, brands, and advertisers to promote their brand to massive audiences. In fact, while people are spending out of the 30 minutes, many of them are watching business profiles and purchasing products on the platform.

11. Usage Of Like Button Increases 4.2 Billion Times

Instagram has the highest engagement rate compared to other social media platforms Because it is always filled with lots of visual content that attracts the attention of many audiences. According to the data, Instagram audiences hit the like button more than 4.2 million times per day on the app. Hence, Instagram is the perfect place for increasing your engagement rate and boosting content visibility.

12. 90% People Follow At Least One Business Account

Some huge brands and businesses use Instagram to reach their products and services to massive customers. People get in-depth information about the product and clear contact details under the description. So, many people show interest in following the business accounts for more posts. In fact, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business profile on the platform.

Instagram Stories Statistics

13. Second Most Popular Content Format

Instagram stories are a great feature to share your most inspiring and memorable moments with huge people. IG stories appear at the top of the Instagram home feed, and it automatically disappears after 24 hours. Many content creators, brands, business accounts, and advertisers are now starting to use Instagram stories for better reach and engagement. So, it is considered the second most popular content format on the platform.

14. 36% Business Accounts Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories give a great opportunity for brands and businesses to provide a full-screen and immersive experience for their target audiences. IG stories are a fundamental part of any business account to get more Instagram story views than the regular feed posts, obtain more followers and grow your reach instantly. Therefore, according to Instagram stories statistics, over 36% of business profiles use stories feature for mass engagement.

15. Instagram Stories Increased User Spend Time To 30 Minutes

Before the introduction of Instagram stories, users spend between 15 to 21 minutes per day on the app. Instagram stories are the major contribution of its significant increase. In 2021, users on Instagram spend approximately 30 minutes per day.

16. Brand Stories Received 86% Completion Rate

Social media marketers must know the complete data and the functionality of Instagram to enhance their marketing reach and growth. Recent research shows that Instagram stories are more impactful and the average completion rate for IG stories increases 87%. It is a 3% increase from 2019 and a 14% increase from 2018. Hence, Instagram stories is undoubtedly an amazing platform to get the highest completion rate.

Instagram Business And Advertising Strategy

17. 1.46% Monthly Followers Growth

Growing your Instagram followers is not an easy process, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. But there are different strategies you can use to outrank the Instagram followers faster. Instagram stories and live streaming are amazing options to increase your followers count on the platform. According to the research, Instagram business accounts rarely see a 1.46% followers growth per month.

18. $18.16 Billion Revenue Comes From Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to boost brand awareness and increase their customer base. A figure represents Instagram ads revenue increasing $18.16 billion in 2021. It is a big jump from $13.86 billion in 2020 and $9.45 billion in 2019. It is a great profit for Instagram, and it encourages advertisers to promote their content through Instagram ads.

19. 36.2% of B2B Decision Makers Use Instagram

No matter whether you’re an individual or business owner, Instagram is a great marketing tool to achieve more success and reach your target audiences. Regarding the data, 36.2% of B2B marketers use Instagram to search and find new products or services.

20. 4 Million Business Accounts Use Instagram Story Ads

Instagram stories are an excellent feature for getting great reach and attracting massive audiences in a short time. It is a full-screen vertical format ad that helps you to share photos and videos with your target customers. With IG story ads, you can achieve more reach, video views, conversion, high traffic, brand awareness, and increase app installs. Research says more than 4 million business accounts use Instagram story ads per day.

21. Story Ads With Call To Action Perform Well

Text sign showing Call To Action. Conceptual photo Encourage Decision Move to advance Successful strategy Man holding megaphone loudspeaker speech bubble message speaking loud.

Instagram story ads have an inbuilt swipe-up feature at the bottom of the screen. According to the data, story ads with an effective call to action perform well 89% of the time. Adding an engaged call to action helps to increase the chance audiences will interact with your ad.


  • IGTV is a new way to create and share up to 60-second videos. If you want to upload detailed information to your audiences, you can use IGTV to draw potential eyeballs to your account.
  • There are several types of video features available on Instagram. But tutorial videos are one of the most popular formats that inspire huge audiences.
  • Instagram has the highest engagement rate with its reels. It receives 1,21,800 engagements per reel than the engagement per usual video.
  • From receiving metrics to different marketers, Instagram is one of the growing apps in the social media world. With the right marketing plan, you can promote your products, boost brand visibility and increase your sales on Instagram.
  • Having an Instagram business profile gives you the opportunity to access different tools and functions such as advertising features, analytics of your posts and stories, call to action, and more.
  • Posting eye-catchy and trending content regularly is the key to growing your business and attracting many audiences.


Instagram is one of the most rapidly evolving social media platforms across the world. Understanding the platform’s growth and stats can help you to build your marketing strategy and achieve more success. Many people these days are trying to use Instagram to become a popular social media marketer and build their online community worldwide.

If you understand the platform before starting to work with them, you can easily establish your content to larger audiences, gain more attention on posts!

Thanks for reading!