In the present rush-hour world, the advantages and relevance of time tracking software need not be explained. These are effective online tools that record the time being spent on various projects. Besides the present day time tracking software has advanced and improved with time. Not only do they offer the options for recording time but also provide the corporates with various and highly useful functionalities and different other features.

In the below write up we will discuss some of the best online time tracking software available today for the users.

20 Best Online Time Tracking Software

1. Invoicera

Invoicera is perhaps one of the most popular and preferred online time tracking and invoicing software. Various customers globally prefer Invoicera as along with superior software, it also provides multiple language support and multiple currency support. Its time tracking software is very easy and self-explanatory to use and the same allows the users to customize multiple invoices. It provides you an ample amount of information as and when your project progresses and thoroughly record the time being spent on various activities of the same. By keeping a stern check on all the tasks that are being performed, it provides you with innovative solutions and also tracks down your expenses for you.

2. Nutcache

  • Lets you create and keep track of an unlimited number of projects
  • Helps you monitor which projects are consuming your time
  • Lets you create and manage an unlimited number of employee timesheets.
  • Generates invoices automatically for easy project billing
  • Allows you to set user access rights for either managing projects or logging worked hours

3. Dovico

Dovico is a Canada based company which offers highly professional time tracking services at highly affordable prices. Their competitive online program handles various kinds of time entries, is able to handy multiple projects, enables you to formulate a wide number of reports, and also generates invoiced very quickly and easily, and also allows the data to be exported in different formats.


A professionally trimmed package, Harvest provides the clients with a very comforting and appealing user interface. It is basically the software of choice when it comes to collaborating the efforts of the team. It includes project estimates, allows users to create great reports, and the fact that is a web-based application, users from any part of the world can access it. Just like most of the other apps, it provides the users with two choices in the pricing plan – the free and the premium one.

5. Fanurio Time Tracking

Fanurio is a time tracking tool that is Windows-based and is mostly used by freelancers. Fanurio can provide you with appropriate tools to round time, convert to multiple currencies and custom create invoices to get paid quickly from your clients.


Freshbook is another popular and widely used online invoicing tool which contains all the features to manage the project efficiently, though Freshbooks does not provide the users with a really appealing and welcoming user interface yet it is a robust online tool which offers lots of features and gives the employees the freedom to productively manage the projects without any need to spend extra time on the same.

7. Cashboard

Its user interface is not as slick as compared to the other time tracking apps on this list above but it does have some very detailed & useful features that are more than tracking time which includes generating and keeping track of invoices, accounts, and clients, creating estimates and much more

8. Paymo

Paymo provides users with easy options to track time and produce elegant invoices. The advantage of Paymo is that it is a thorough project management tool and manages your project conveniently and swiftly.

9. Invotrak

Invotrak is a feature-rich online invoicing and time tracking sheet application that enables you to save a lot of time and money. Besides, it also includes various other features that let you speed up your work.

10. Freckle

Freckle is one of the most amazing online time tracking tools which is enriched with various features that makes it stand apart from the rest. It contains beautiful colors, innovative icons, and the clean and bright layout is full of optimism and sunshine, even if you are having a dull day in the office. If you are looking for a good interface, Freckle is the solution for you as it provides a clean interface with mesmerizing colors.

11. Klok

It is a great small scale application which gives you the liberty to manage your time by offering you a quick and easy method of personalized time tracking. It basically operates through the Adobe Air Programming Language.

12. yaTimer

Though all the above apps were easily available online and were web-based apps, this app has to be duly downloaded without being used. And not just that, it also the most basic app present on the list. Thus those who are looking out for a very basic time tracking solution can avail yaTimer, it does not do anything apart from managing time, but whatever it does, it does it adequately.

13. Tick

Tick makes the online time tracking really simple and comforting. No need to waste your time understanding the complete data like graphs, charts, and other unnecessary details. It helps you manage the time spent and related functions, without wasting any of your time.

14. 1DayLater

This is an online time tracking app which comes up with an interactive and awesome user interface. The team of this tool has done their job amazingly and creatively which converted a simple app into a great innovation.

15. Yast

It is an amazing time tracking app which is simple to understand and comes with an elegant interface. It is very easy to work on this app – You perform something, you then add the time and you check how long it took to perform.

16. Bill4time

It is an online time tracking app which offers 128-bit data encryption and data back-ups on secure servers so you don’t need to worry about technical difficulties in hardware or installing any updates It can work for businesses with as small as one user or even up to 1000 users.

17. ClickTime

It is a web-based time tracking software that simply cuts your business unnecessary costs as there is no need for your server, database, and support staff. With no software to install, time and expense tracking can be carried out from any internet-connected system. As your business data is stored on their secure servers, you can focus your time on management rather than time tracking.

18. Eon

This is a web-based time tracking tool for Mac that has been designed for professionals such as accountants, consultants, and lawyers. This app is meant to focus on tracking your invoicing and logging hours to provide clients with precise invoices by project or by the hour.

19. Curdbee

Curdbee is an online Time Tracking and billing Software and is one of the best available choices to work on unlimited projects. Depending upon your choice and requirement, you can append the memos to the time entries. Besides the personalized and custom-made reports can be sent to the printers or disk files or can be easily viewed on the screen itself.

20. Yanomo

Yanomo is a multilingual, industrial-strength time & expense tracking tool – with the usability and accessibility, you expect from a friendly, social SaaS-solution. Our customers run the gamut from multinationals and law firms to design agencies and startups. Our free trial (47 days!) will show you why our clients love us: Yanomo makes time tracking work and then extends to solve your needs for efficient project management, task management, expense & invoice management, and team communication.