If you are not using your Facebook page to connect to your users and promote your business, then you are losing something. Facebook fan page is a powerful tool that helps to market a product, establish a strong online presence and spread brand awareness.

Using lots of apps and functionalities that are available these days you can make the fan page interactive and engaging. I am sure you have already come across many Facebook pages which are really cool. You can get inspiration from those pages and come up with something similar for your business as well.

And there are many third party apps that you can use to increase activities on your Facebook fan page. These apps can be free or paid.

Here is a list of 10 useful third party Facebook apps and a list of 10 awesome Facebook pages which will inspire you to create something similar or more creative and interactive for your business.

10 Useful Facebook Apps:

1. Welcome Tab

By installing this app you can easily add a welcome tab to your Facebook page. This tab appears just after the Wall and Info tabs.

2. Divshare

Divshare, the online file sharing website has its Facebook extension. You can share files with friends using this app.

3. Where I’ve Been

This app lets you display all the places you have traveled so far. If you have been to a lot of destinations, you can show the list on an interactive map.

4.  Faster 88

It allows the page owner to add a ‘Jobs’ tab which can be developed as a career page. Companies can hire members direct from their Facebook page.

5. Graffiti

If you want to experience the feeling of writing on a real wall, add Graffiti. It allows you to doodle for your friends.

6. Marketplace

This app allows you to see your friend’s updates and lets you buy, sell, rent or giveaway various stuff. You can also do charities using this app by selling for a noble cause

7. My Countdowns

With this app you can add countdown feature on your Facebook profile. You can make the countdown public or keep it private. It will allow you to choose date format, icons etc.

8. Fan Appz

It is an application suite that allows you to manage your Facebook page and fans. Your fans can catch up to latest trends with this app.

9. My Top Fans

Based on your interactions with the fans, this app generates a report of your top fans. The person with whom you interact most, appears at the top.

10. Eventbrite

This popular online event planning portal allows you to publish the details of events to Facebook. It links the event directly to the ticket buying system.

Best 10 Inspirational Facebook Fan Pages:

1. Verizon

This page operates like a quasi-website and is completely practical. Customers can acquire ringtones and can select the right phone, all from their Facebook fan page.

2. Nokia

Nokia’s Facebook page looks exactly like their website – same choice of font, color etc. makes it complete.

3. Zappos

They offer deals to those who like their Facebook page; good reason to like the Facebook page of Zappos.

4. Blackberry

Blackberry has chosen to promote their products through their Facebook page. They allow their fans to participate in various discussions.

5. NFL

America’s most popular sports league, NFL (National Football League) has a stunning Facebook page. Fans will find everything here they might look for.

6. BestBuy

An international retailer of entertainment and technology products, BestBuy chose to go a bit informal with their Facebook page. The page looks elegant yet trendy.

7. Symantec

This is a page of well-known computer security software company which is a combination of data and introspection. From this page, people can download their security investigate reports, can read their blog and tweets and also can take part in their weekly reviews.

8. iTunes

The design will remind you of any apply product – cool and simple.

9. Vitamin Water

Less interactive but the landing page looks great. And they have mentioned it clearly that the page is meant for entertainment only.

10. Jones Soda

This Seattle based soda company has come up with an awesome Facebook page which is attractive and interactive. It offers a free iPhone app also.