Nowadays, most audiences use popular social sharing websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Still, YouTube is the largest social networking website, and it is also considered the second greatest website after Facebook in terms of general usage.

YouTube is a user-friendly platform because anyone can make a video and upload it. Most marketers are ready to promote their business or brand using the YouTube platform. In this article, we can see the 19 tips & tricks for YouTube.

19 YouTube Tips You Must Know to Grow Your Business or Brand in 2021

1. Make Any Video into a GIF

Make Any Video into GIF

Everyone loves GIFs, but no one knows how to create a GIF properly. But no one has implemented this idea.

To make a GIF from the YouTube video:

  • Choose a video that you want to watch on YouTube and find the URL link at the top of your browser. Include the word ahead of the domain name. For example, “[Your video tag]”
  • Now you can convert your video into GIFs, which are already uploaded and ready for editing. Here, you can find a list of options on the left side along with the below of your video. You will add captions, set the GIF duration, and crop its frame, etc. Don’t forget that you can only download this file offline by signing up with

2. Create a YouTube Video at a Particular Time

Create a YouTube Tips Video at a Particular Time

Your friends share any video link, then click the right side of the video title. In the window of options that display, check the box next to “Start at” and type the time (hours:min: sec) you want. Alternatively, you can resume the video at a particular time and start autofill.

Later, you can add a tag itself at the end of the generic YouTube link (?t=50s). Copy the link and paste it wherever you did like. Try it now!

3. See the Written Transcripts

Written Transcripts

Do you know that YouTube consistently makes a written transcript for each video uploaded to its website? Correct! and someone has access to the transcript unless the user manually hides from the audience.

How can you see a video’s transcript?

Click the video on YouTube, then click the more tab above of the description. Now, you can see the “Transcript” from the drop-down menu. (In case if you can’t see the transcript option, the user hides manually).

This transcript helps the audience who wants to see your videos. Once the user uploaded the video will not come back and manually edit the transcript, it won’t be perfect. Now, you can save your time and pain!

4. Get Free Transcription for Your Videos

Free Transcription for Your Videos

There are two effective methods you can automatically add a transcript to every video!

  • Automated Transcription for a Video: After uploading a video, open your YouTube website then click “More” below of the video. Then choose “Transcript” from the drop-down menu. The transcript will display in the same window.
  • Automated Transcription for Audio: Once upload your video, the audio recording to YouTube using a TunesToTube. It will take time between 2–30 minutes for YouTube to upload it after following the transcription for a video.

5. Make Playlist

Make Playlist on YouTube Tips

Playlists are handy for different types of YouTubers. For example, if your channel is related to cooking, you will split your videos into meal type, dinner type, etc. This strategy helps to segment your video content.

How to Create a Playlist?

  • Playlist on Desktop: Login to your YouTube account, click the top of the right side. Then choose >> Creator Studio and click “video manager” on the left, and choose “Playlists”. You can now see the new Playlist on the top right and decide whether the Playlist is public or private.
  • Playlist on Mobile: Go to the video which you want to put in the Playlist. Then click under the video and save. Now, a new playlist is ready, and if you’re going to put the name >> Give name.

6. Save Video For Watch Later

Save Video For Watch Later

You want to see the critical video, but you have no time to visit? What will you do at that time? YouTube offers to create a watch later option that helps to see the video without searching. It looks like a standard playlist, so the instructions are easy!

  • How-to: Open the YouTube video and click the “Add to” icon to the video title and check next to the Playlist, just like you did in the previous step.
  • How-to-access: Go to the YouTube homepage and select “Watch Later” on your screen’s upper left side.

7. Custom YouTube URL

Custom YouTube URL

You can customize your YouTube URL, following the display name, YouTube username, at present, vanity URLs you have.
For example

But unfortunately, everyone is not eligible for a custom URL. If you want to create a customized URL, you should have 100 or more subscribers, and your YouTube account must be 30 days old, upload a photo in your channel icon, and be uploaded to the channel art.

Otherwise, you are eligible to make a custom URL, and then you will be prompted to claim by clicking a link.

8. Add End screen For Promote Content

Add End Screen

In 2008, YouTube started to allow the clickable links on YouTube called annotations to insert your videos! These annotations worked like a call-to-action button for redirecting the audience to subscribe to your channel!

How to include the End screen?

  • Login to your YouTube channel, then click >> Video Manager >> tap edit and select end screen & Annotations from the drop-down.
  • If you need to add the element menu such as video, subscribe, channel, or link. Then select the menu and decide where you want to redirect your users from your end screen. You can also make a custom end screen, which helps keep the audience on your YouTube channel by suggesting other videos.

9. Use Card For YouTube Channel

YouTube Tips for Using Cards

You will use the cards for advertising your brand or products in your videos or links on your website you want to promote on YouTube.

To include a YouTube card for your video, click the video manager, and tap Edit & select cards from the drop-down menu. The cards can feature the video or Playlist, channel, donation, poll, etc. If you want to link any category, you will choose it. The advantage of using cards is to make a video on YouTube more attractive. With this, you will increase your comments, likes, and shares. Having dislikes on YouTube is being consumed by real people who interact with your content.

10. Add Creative Effects in your YouTube Channels

Add Effects in YouTube Videos

YouTube has many features to edit your video, but one editing tool remains that quite handy is enhancements. The most critical eight effects you did usually find on third-party video editing software.

  • Apply slow motion
  • Trim out parts of your video
  • Rotate the view
  • Custom blurring
  • Blur faces
  • shaky camera motions
  • Auto-fix color and lighting
  • Apply time lapse

After completing a video, you should edit your video and upload them on your channel.

11. Live Stream Videos on YouTube

YouTube Live Stream Videos

Live streaming has been the most crucial topic for the past few years. It’s seen extensive growth, especially in the past few years, with the arrival of Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope, and Instagram videos.

Grasping how to live on YouTube is less complicated than live streaming on similar platforms. But YouTube’s have a more comfortable streaming option; there’s no simple to click the start button; instead, you can download the encoding software before the live. You know, YouTube has 13+ identified encoders that are Live Verified.

12. Design Your Thumbnail

YouTube Tips to Design Thumbnail

Thumbnail is an essential section on YouTube. For instance, how human is nothing without a brain, like that YouTube video is nothing without a thumbnail. We recommended to follow the 1280 x 720-pixel size and use high-quality images.

First and foremost, your thumbnail should be relevant to the video content. Nothing makes it easier for people to click away faster than a video. The audience feels tricked. So, you will not only alienate your viewers, but you will also have low watch time, based on YouTube algorithm values.

13. Generate Long Videos To Improve your Watch Time

Improve Watch Time

Your video content as long as it makes sense for your topic. So, shorter videos are considered better. But today, longer videos are associated with more watch time, which improves your YouTube content.

Ultimately, the length of video content is much useful for all audiences. But you want to improve your video content with longer videos in mind. In general, videos from 7-15 minutes get better results from the audience. PBS Space Time is a popular video channel, the range of videos between 7-15 minutes. But consider not more than 20 minutes.

14. Build Videos as a Series

Build Videos as a Series

Your content has a lot of information, so you can’t spend that much time in a single video. What to do now? The best hacks to improve your watch is to split your content into a series. Making series playlists are one of the best ways to connect the audience and get audience retention for your videos.

You want to develop content based on a series that has performed well. Honestly, many top-rated YouTube channels have more than one series, the topic focus, and even different thumbnail image style. Roberto Blake uses a single thumbnail for all unboxing videos and tech reviews, etc.

15. Work with YouTube Stars

Work with YouTube Stars

You want to promote your video, and then you have to work with other YouTubers. As a YouTube channel owner, your thoughts might be increasing subscribers and views for your channel.

When you start to work with other YouTubers, you can expand your reach to the audience. It’s the best chance to connect with the enormous people because that influencer already has many subscribers on their account. Apart from YouTube channels, you will gain more followers.

16. Engage Your Audience

YouTube Tips to Engage Your Audience

Engaging is the essential quality of all YouTube influencers. So, keep engaging your audience with your video content. The audience wants to connect with their favorite channels. So, engage your audience via replying to comments, say thank you at the end of the video, and respond to the chats. Those things intensely increased the trust in you, and they started to believe your & your content.

17. Upload & Watch 360-degree Videos

Upload 360 Degree Videos

In March 2015, YouTube announced its support for 360-degree videos and complete novelty. You can feel the experience as a user, really cool & calm.

How to create a 360-degree video?

  • Cameras with 360-degree capability compatible with YouTube are listed here on YouTube’s Support page, along with how to create and upload a 360-degree video file.
  • It will precisely connect your mobile device to a suitable VR device. Once you have done, create for a stellar experience, and imagine what this can mean for the content you advertise on your own YouTube channel.

18. Use YouTube Ads

Use YouTube Tips Ads

Advertising is a popular method to enhance your YouTube channel. If you want to promote your brand quickly, then use YouTube ads. Create a campaign for a youtube channel, and target the exact audience that you want to reach.

There are six types of YouTube ads:

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • Non Skippable Ads
  • Midroll Ads
  • Bumper Ads

Choose any one of the ads, and use it to promote your videos.

19. Create Your Videos Not Suck

Create Your Videos Not Suck

Whatever the aim of your YouTube video, ensure to achieve it. If you are giving advice, build it powerful and lasting. If you are showing off a tip or a trick, create it immensely useful. When you are providing a review, make it informed. If you are providing entertainment, create it entertaining.

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