When it comes to propagating a business or talents, YouTube is a platform that tops the chart. YouTube is one of the many social media platforms that provide its users with a chance to earn their bread. Businesses of all sorts use YouTube in their online marketing strategy.

However, there is one addition that is changing the trends of our online culture. That is live streaming. Live streaming is the new trend that is propelling in the online culture. People have shot to fame with live streaming.

Businesses use live streaming to connect to their audience and customers. Gamers play popular games on live streams, which is watched by thousands of people online. Some are even tutoring on live streams, addressing students’ ‘can someone do my online class’ queries.

Live streaming is now a global industry. According to projections, the live streaming industry will cross the 70 billion mark by the end of 2021. There are many live streaming platforms on the market. YouTube is one of them. YouTube Live is a great platform to connect to an audience.

If you are a YouTuber or planning to be one, YouTube live has so much in store for you. If you are a business owner, all the more for you. In this article, we have 15 unique tactics for you to grow your YouTube Live audience. Let’s start.

15 Ultimate Tips to Get More YouTube Live Stream Viewers

1. Plan Your Live Stream

Live Stream YouTube

The very first thing you have to do is the plan. You cannot achieve success if you don’t know what you are going to do. Depending upon your niche, you need to carefully plan your live stream. For instance, if you are a gamer who wants to live stream, you need to decide what game you are going to play. Similarly, if you run a philosophical channel that discusses various philosophies, you need to decide the topic of your live stream.

Moreover, deciding the right topic is also recommended. For that, you need to carefully think about the interest of your audience or subscribers. You can conduct polls on social media and decide accordingly. Before you click on the live stream button, carefully plot the themes and variables of your live stream.

2. Tease Your Live Stream

Live Streaming

The next thing you want to do is to tease your live stream. Just like the trailer of a Hollywood film, you have to tease out little bits of what’s to come in your live stream. This will make your audience curious and will raise the engagement level. You can’t expect high numbers of viewers if you are not building a responsive timeline of your live stream. You have to make your audience excited for your live stream, and for that, you have to create a stellar teaser.

3. Pick the Best Time and Date

Another important thing you have to consider for your live stream is the date and time of the event. If you enjoy a decent number of subscribers, chances are, they belong to different parts of the world. With geographical differences come different time zones. If you want your live stream to be watched by all of your subscribers, you need to set the time accordingly. For instance, if you set the time according to your time zone only, you will lose the viewership of your subscribers of other time zones.
Now, given that you can’t meet every time zone. However, the key part is to make a middle way so that the opportunity is divided fairly to all the subscribers. With that being said, you have to pick a date that is convenient for your subscribers too. If you plan to live stream on a holiday, the chances of a high viewership count increases.

4. Create a Captivating Title

The first thing your subscribers or people, in general, will read is the title of your live stream. You have to be the smartest salesman at this point. You have to sell your live stream, and you can achieve that with a compelling title. When creating your title, you have to keep few things in mind. First, you would only have 50 characters to use, since you can’t be detailed in a title.
Brainstorm the best title ideas for your live stream, and narrow it down to your top three. From there, pick the one that you think is saying it all. If your topic needs explaining of sorts, you can do that in the descriptions section.

5. Promote Your Live Stream

Promote Live Streaming

When you are done with the steps above, it is now time to promote your live stream. You have to make sure that you expose your live stream across the internet. Make aggressive use of your social media accounts in propagating your live stream event. Moreover, if you have a website or a blog, make sure to use that as well. You can also take the help of other YouTubers or influencers into promoting your upcoming live stream event. The keynote here is to market your upcoming live stream using diverse online media tools.

6. Control the Noise

As a YouTuber, you want to give your audience a smooth experience. Your live stream event has to be professional, meaning there should be no background noise. Your surrounding will play a huge role in your viewership count. Assign a room for your YouTube Live stream that has the least background noise to ensure a smooth experience. In today’s fast world, it takes about a sec for a person to jump to another live stream. You have to make every second count. You have to be on your A-game, and that cannot happen with noises in the background.

7. Be Comfortable with Time

If you know anything about video trends, you know people like to watch short videos. However, with live streaming, the opposite is the case. Take as much time with your live stream. Be comfortable in your own space. If you are discussing a philosophical topic, don’t give all the information in the first 10 minutes.
Similarly, if you are conducting an educational podcast where you address students’ ‘I want someone to take my online class’ concerns, you need to take it slow. You want to take your time with it. As statistics show, the longer your live stream broadcast is the more viewership you will enjoy.

8. Reward Your Viewers

When it comes to live streaming, there are many routes you can take to increase your viewership. One of them is to reward your audience. Now, there are many ways you can adopt to give various incentives. It solely depends on you as a Host. For example, you can give discounts or coupons. You can also give a shout-out to an audience person. We have also seen examples of YouTubers calling chosen fans from their live streams. Creativity is the limit.

You will be surprised to see a surge in your live stream when you opt for this strategy. Almost all YouTubers hold some sort of giveaway because they understand the potential of this strategy.

9. Be Fully Prepared

We tend to plan for things that are in our hands, we never plan for things that are out of our hands. What do we mean by that? As a YouTuber, you need to prepare for technical faults and malfunction. You never know what will happen when you are going live, so it is important for you to prepare for that. Prepare a backup for everything. Equipment, cords, network, or external drives, etc. Moreover, keep your camera and laptop charged before going live on your YouTube channel.

10. Lighting is Key

Aesthetics are important. As a YouTuber, having a decent and eye-pleasing setup is crucial for your viewership count. Humans like to see aesthetically pleasing things. If your live stream setup is candy for the eye, it raises the chances of higher viewership. Lighting plays a crucial role in that. if you are not sitting in a well-lit setting, you are not portraying yourself as a professional.

Make sure to work on the lighting. Check and see if your camera is put on the right angle. See if your camera is addressing the light concerns, and when you are satisfied proceed to the next step.

11. Have the Right Equipment

You need equipment for your live stream. You can’t expect to succeed in your live stream if you are not keeping yourself up to date with the right trends. You have to invest in the right equipment for your live stream. That includes having a good mic with a decent stand, a high-end camera, and robust internet connectivity so that you don’t get cut off. Moreover, make sure that you have backup equipment as well in case your regular fails.

12. Consistency is Crucial

Be consistent in your approach. If you are just starting to live stream on YouTube, don’t expect high numbers because it is highly unlikely that you will get them. When you start, you will face many obstacles. However, that will only polish you as a YouTuber. You have to be consistent with your live streams. Hold at least one live stream event every month, so that your audience or subscribers develop a taste for it.

13. Collaborate with another YouTuber OR Have a Guest

If you want to increase your YouTube live stream viewers, collaboration is another thing you can go for in doing that. Invite other YouTubers or influencers on your podcast or live stream. In this way, you are not exposing your channel to their platform, but also potentially making their audience subscribe to you. Collaboration is a popular trend on YouTube these days.

Not only YouTubers, but businesses of all sizes are using this phenomenon to push their product or services. It has proved to increase viewers, and it is something that you should consider. Moreover, you can also invite guests with credible backgrounds to discuss the topic in question. Or if you are a gamer, you can collaborate with another gamer and play the same game.

14. Engage with Your Live Audience

Engage Audience

If you want to see a steady viewership count on your live stream, you have to work for it. Recognizing and valuing a particular audience member will go a long way. If you engage with your subscribers, you make them feel important. As a YouTuber, you want to work on this. Engage with your live stream members. Make them feel that they are seen and valued. Reply to their questions. Read their comments. Address their comments. In this way, you are letting them know that you care for their presence. And presence is what you want.

15. Begin Your Stream Early

Lastly, start your live stream early. If you have set a time, start your YouTube live stream an hour early. You might be wondering, what is the need for that? well, you can check whether your equipment, background, and all of the other stuff are working properly. You can see many YouTubers doing this. Moreover, there are many students who are searching, where can I find someone that will do my exam for me? In response to that, many YouTube academics start their live stream early so that they can get questions and concerns of students early. In this way, they stay ahead of their schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ YouTube

Q1: Where can I see the statistics of my YouTube live stream?

A1: You can easily see the stats of your live stream by heading straight to the live dashboard section of your YouTube channel. From there, go to the analytics section of your live dashboard and click on ‘view full analytics’.

Q2: How can I engage my YouTube Live Stream viewers?

A2: There are many ways to do that. You can read the comments on your live stream members. You can answer their questions, or give a shout out to them.

Q3: Can I turn off comments on my YouTube live stream?

A3: Yes, you can easily turn off comments on your live stream. Go to your YouTube channel’s dashboard. Head over to the gear near ‘top chat’ and click on it. Check or uncheck the ‘enable live chat’ option, and that is it.