Google has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is omnipresent in digital world with several features like search results, emails, YouTube videos and social networking through Google Plus. But now Google executes one task that is not digital at all, it is known as Street view in its map feature. Street view feature of Google map collects images of various parts of the world with the help of human driven automobiles affixed with a multi lensed camera on the roof.

So what are the chances that you are doing something fishy when the Google mobile passes by? The odds are quite high as sometimes these cars are not even labeled. Plenty of folks are captured by these cars while doing some silly acts. So keep an eye on the streets when you are doing something mad and funny as you can be the next to be clicked by these cars Here are some of the most funny captures by Google Street view:

1. An Example that Google Respects Everyone’s Privacy

TechieApps-Google Earth and Google Street View pics-An Example that Google Respects Everyone's  Privacy
There is an increasing issues of privacy with the growth of technology. But this is proof that Google is making a difference by keeping everyone’s personal information anonymous – even if they’re not really people at all.

2. How can Google Click me, I’ll do the Same

Before Google car can capture this guy sitting in his car, this guy captured Google mobile through his camcorder.

3. Be cautious next time when you are Ogling Someone

Try to act little subtle and decent when you are checking out a beautiful lady passing by, else you might get clicked by the car with giant orb on the roof like this guy did.

4. Caught in a Weird Act

It seems that this guy is not be the lucky one while he got clicked by the Google Cameras. He really needs a bathroom we guess.

5. No one is Perfect, Not Even Google

Even the Google is not perfect as it mended two images together and form an entirely new species. Check out this photo of Alex from “Madagascar” turned into a one eye monster.

6. Hey, what are you looking at, Seagull!

These are thoughts must be running inside this beautiful species when he saw the globe-like camera device attached to roofs of Google cars.

7. Are These people from some other Planet?

These people seem to be coming straight from some Halloween party. Aren’t they Spooky and funny?

8. Con Bird

A bird caught red-handed while it is stealing food is immortalized on Google Earth forever.

9. Lightning Burst of Water

One stunning capture by Google Street view. This burst of water and light coming out of what must be an exploding fire hydrant is stunningly beautiful and enchanting.

10. Google Environmental Friendly Act

Check out Google goes green by employing a tricycle for those small hard to reach streets.

11. Hey, Google look at me!

Some people cannot control their excitement and happiness when they see the Google cars right away. This guy surely made his best efforts to get noticed by Google.

12. Popping Wheelies

This kid is defenitely watching some good action flicks, check out this sick wheelie on his bike.

13. Scooter Gang

Another attempt of people to get noticed by Street view. Isn’t it look like a scene from a movie where a decent kid is chased by gang of bullies.

14. You need a Higher Fence

This pictures depicts that one need a higher fence to safeguard his house from the eyes of Google.

15. Reflection

This is a nice creativity as Google street view clicked its own reflection in the mirror.

Images credit: Street view