When it comes to ad campaign options in the print advertising, users are hardly ever out of choice. Booklet advertising is one of the most popular source for print advertising. Booklet printing provides an amazing platform form for the designers to exhibit their creative prowess and booklets provides impeccable means for information dissemination and creating awareness amongst the users. They are handy, easy to carry and read, and instead of boring the users to death, they provide information in an interesting and amusing way. Booklets can be used in the form of manual, guides and flyers etc to explain the users.

If your mind has wandered around the idea of developing an entire career around publishing booklets and designs, we have certain cool stuff for you. Provided below are various amazing ways which various seasoned designers have employed in developing the designs.

We are sure, this list of 15 would work as the dose of healthy inspiration and you will be moved to come up with something amazing and out of the box on your own.