In August 2016, Instagram’s Stories feature came into play with more fun and more opportunity for the marketers. Today, over 500 million Instagrammers are using Stories every day. It has become a terrific means for businesses to get quick connections with their customers.

Experts say Instagram Stories is the future of social media marketing. Even the man behind creating an Instagram- Mark Zuckerberg, says it may replace Instagram feeds in the future.

So, if you haven’t explored what content format you should use to create perfect Instagram Stories or just holding back from trying any new Stories, it’s hard for you to gather millions of people around your business.

Although, Snapchat’s Story inspired the entire concept of Instagram Story. But IG is the most approaching platform for marketers. According to Statista, Instagram reported over 1.2 billion monthly users, whereas Snapchat hit 528 million monthly users worldwide as of April 2021.

Let’s have a quick look at more stats that justifies why a marketer needs to give more time to create Instagram stories.

Essential Instagram Stories Stats 2021

Have a look at some more Instagram Stats & Facts For Online Marketers

The backend engineers and the core Instagram team constantly work to make the platform more innovative and worth space for their users. So, if you have any doubt or wondering: can a brand use this amazing IG feature- Instagram stories to increase sales, generate leads, followers, etc.?

The answer is YES!

But to know-how, you need to read a complete blog. So, don’t skip in between; we have lots of hidden secrets to talk about how to create Instagram stories online for promoting a business on Instagram.

12 Techniques You Must Use To Create Instagram Stories

You might know the benefits of Instagram in this marketing world, but for today we will discuss how to use its amazing feature, i.e., Stories, to fuel the growth of your business. There are so many different ways to use Instagram Stories; let’s dive into a few of the tactics:

1. Arrange Giveaways

Something that can act as a magnet for your audience is a gift- Giveaways. Specifically, when you are using a big platform like Instagram, there are 500 million active users in a day. You can arrange a Giveaway event. Once in a while, you can conduct giveaway prizes for your audience.

2. Conduct Polls

Instagrammers swipes after and after to learn- what’s cooking inside to which they are following. Businesses can use this poll feature on Instagram stories to engage with their followers by asking questions about the product or services you cater to them.

Different Instagram poll ideas:

  • Yes or No
  • This or that
  • Try out the sliding scale

Easy steps to create a new Instagram Story

  • Start your step by clicking the sticker icon at the top of the screen
  • Now, go for the means select “Poll” sticker icon
  • Fill in the question for your poll
  • Hit “Your Story” or “Send To >” to share your poll to your Story

3X Your IG Followers By Embracing New Instagram Stories Ideas!

3. Share Updates

To instigate the interest of the followers towards your business page, keep sharing the updates. You can use IG stories to share teasers of upcoming events, steps to use your product, countdown for a new launch, surprising stats, etc.

Sharing updates on your Instagram story will help you keep the followers engaged with your brand all the time. It is a great idea to use a 15-second slot in increasing the brand’s awareness and followers.

4. Create a Shoppable Story

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After releasing IG shoppable story stickers, it is easy for entrepreneurs to tag specific products in stories. So, when followers watch your story, they can tap on the shoppable sticker and learn more about the tagged product.

It is one of the creative and authentic ways to influence your customer to buy a product.  Leveraging shoppable Instagram stories can help you drive more sales and generate more revenue via shoppable content.

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5. Share Behind-The-Scenes

When your stories are interactive, your followers will take action and engage with your stories. This way, your account will show up at the forefront of your engaged followers’ accounts.

There is so much demand to see the real you. It’s because followers are interested in knowing whether they are investing money, time, or energy at the right place. So show them your workspace, how you do things, show off your daily life on Instagram stories so that your audience can relate to you.

Basically,  just remind people that what they see on your Instagram story might be beautiful, but you’re still a real person doing everyday things behind the scenes.

6. Share Testimonials or Customer Feedback

Hearing about all the happy customers can make your followers more follow you. Usually, we people decide to buy a product or acquire services only after seeing how those things have helped others. Besides, who are already your customers, keep looking for a solution- what new do you have to offer?

7. Do a Q&A

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You can ask your IG followers to send you questions using the question sticker and then answering them either on video or just text. Also, it is a great idea to post a question sticker and ask your followers what kind of content they would like to see more of on your profile trends. Ask your followers (or potential customers) to share their opinion.

Their answers can help you shape your business to some degree. You can ask what features they are looking for.  Use their responses to craft your next offerings better.

8. Put Links To Your Story

You can put a link in your story. This is going to make the most of the one link. Just put your profile bio or link to the homepage of your website or a blog page, or even your YouTube channel. Not only that, you can get your followers a link to opt-in for your lead page or freebie or to get a discount or a gift. This way, you are letting them around your business.

9. Use Geolocation Stick

This idea works for the one with a local business. Geolocation stickers can be as broad as your whole state or as specific as your actual business address. Now, if you’re doing this, you should add a few location-based hashtags as well so that when people are doing local searches on a hashtag, your story can come up.

10. Create Instagram Story Ads

If you are not blessed with more significant followers, but you still want to get in front of many people or get more followers or drive more people to your website,  you can pay for that by creating ads.

11. Play a Fun Game

Want more followers? You can play a game with followers by sharing a photo and asking them to guess what it is? This way, followers will take an interest in you and share their opinion means you have endless possibilities for engagement.

12. Post a Meme

Sharing a fun post on Instagram stories can bring a lot of engagement. Post something funny like a meme that you know your audience will enjoy. It’s a fun way to make your followers a bit more interactive.

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Wrap Up!

These were some creative ideas that would wow your audience and bring more audience to your Instagram account. Hence, these Instagram Stories ideas will almost double your audience base.

Altogether, these are the tips of the follower-booster when it comes to Instagram stories. But whatever you have in your IG account, keep sharing them! So, be creative and think out of the box as much as you can. Share your experience how this creative idea helps you Create Perfect Instagram Stories.


How do you make a professional story on Instagram?

Beneath are some fantastic tricks to make your Instagram Story more professional, like:

  • Opt for Natural Lighting.
  • Make Use of Your Phone’s Native Camera.
  • Keep Branding Consistent.
  • Keep Video Length Concise But Straightforward
  • Make Your Editing Well Organized.
  • Use Locations and Appropriate Hashtags.
  • Rely On Native Effects to Enhance Your Story.
  • Add Animation & Music.

What should I put on my IG stories?

Here are a few things you can put in your IG stories without thinking twice, like:

  • Make use of Highlights to drive traffic
  • Take polls and quizzes.
  • Ask for takeovers.
  • Make GIFs, fonts, stickers.
  • Reuse your Reels.
  • Shoutouts to competitors.

How do I create a story ad on Instagram?

Follow these simple steps to create an Instagram stories ad:

Step 1: Visit Facebook Ads Manager, and there tap the green Create button.

Step 2: Pick an objective for your ad( campaign). You will see 11 ads (campaign) objectives on the screen, categorized into three main parts. Pick anyone for creating your IG ad:


  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness


  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Messages
  • Lead Generation


  • Conversions
  • Store Traffic
  • Catalog Sales

Step 3: It’s time to give a name to your campaign. After naming, define your audience.

Step 4: After reaching the Placements section, choose Automatic Placements or Edit Placements. Proceed by clicking “Instagram” >> check the box for “Stories.”

Step 5: Select your audience.

Step 6: Set up your budget and schedule.

Step 7: Decide what page will show the ad.

Step 8: Select the Ad format.

Step 9: Upload your media.

Step 10: Lastly, make a route to track the campaign.

Step 11: Define your Call to Action.

Step 12: Review your order before placing it.

Step 13: Place your order!

Now you are done, your ad will be visible shortly.