Last week was again full of breaking news and pics on twitter. Latest themes include fun, summer and celebrities to rule the countdown this week. Now, the festive season is no more, But you can spend hours looking at the amazing pictures from festivals, nature and other beautiful captured places all over the world.

Skylines made it possible for us to have a glance over these pics, it’s custom algorithms make us find only the best and the most popular pics on twitter.

Have a look at the pictures that top the twitter’s visual food chain this week, and share your views with us. Also, let us know, which one did you like the most.

1. An Eclipse

An Aerospace engineer @wikkit (1000+ followers) posted this picture on twitter with a caption saying “I’m sorry to inform you that Earth is about to be eaten by a fire demon.” This unusual pic was taken last Sunday, when the moon passes between the sun and our planet. This phenomenon scene was captured by thousands of people all across the globe.

2. Cannes Festival

International film festival at Cannes was celebrated with full swing this week. The celebrities all across the globe flew over to the Côte d’Azur to attend the event held near the Southern Coast of France. People magazine (@peoplemag. With more than 3 million followers) posted this picture showing the world’s most popular and prestigious festival over twitter.

3. Father Love

The game (@TheGame), an American rapper having more than million followers shared his picture with his daughter on twitter. The caption on the picture states “Me & my baby sharing our morning with the world… Have a good one.”

4. Protesters for NATO Summit

Picture shows NATO summit this week, where thousands of protesters were found on the streets of Chicago and various other cities across the United States. This picture posted by @OccupyWallstNYC under the hash tag =NoNATO portrays massive demonstrations and protest against the war and Austerity held during the summit.

5. Pokemon: Diglett

Even the true Pokemon fans would not be aware of the tiny Pokemon Gigless’s unique characteristic. According to an analysis, Pokemon has a tooth, Isn’t it funny and hottest topic for its lovers #GagTweet of the week.

6. Billboard Music Awards

Chris Brown, a popular singer shared his picture with @MonicaDBrown (more than million followers) after being titled with top R&B Artist of the year. This picture was taken at the Annual Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas. Numerous artists participated in the event and performed live on the stage.

7. Best Dog Costume Ever

@TheMichaelMoran tweeted with a picture saying – “That’s it. The search is over. I have found the best dog costume of all time.” How many of you think so..??

8. Bamboozle

Bamboozle – A magical three-day oceanfront festival took place at Asbury Park, N.J. last week. This picture was shared by @MTV (over 4 million followers) =Bamboozle showing the performances and gave an impression of the festive atmosphere to the world.

9. 10 Things to Do Before I Die

Posts by #10ThingsToDoBeforeIDie were highlights this week, saying the things one must do before he dies. This was one of the most popular image tweeted by @RiseAboveHates (85,000+ followers) with the caption “=10ThingsToDoBeforeIDie find out the correct answer of this picture”. Drop in your answer in our comments box.

10. Summer

This summer picture gives an innovative idea for barbecue, the picture tweeted by @BlasianFMA (700+ followers).