Undeniably, the number of mobile users is increasing every day and going to surge in the future as well. Most of the user traffic towards your website would be from the mobiles. It’s one of the significant changes we have seen from the last few years.

Therefore, it becomes really necessary to have a mobile application for your business which includes all the information about it. There are a lot of frameworks available to develop a mobile application, but React Native is one of the widely used. You might have a lot of ideas and solutions which you want to implement, that’s why React Native is the best choice to fulfill all of that.

React Native is a coding framework that lets you develop mobile applications with plenty of benefits. Currently, it’s one of the most suitable options for the business solution. This popular technology gives you the latest mobile app which fulfills modern demand.

Mobile apps are also important as other components such as marketing strategy, website, logo design. It let you drive more user traffic towards your brand. So, let’s discuss why founders choose to React Native for mobile app development.

Why Should You Choose React Native For Mobile App Development? 10 Reasons

01. Get iOS and Android from one codebase

While developing a mobile application, it’s also important to take care that it is suitable for android and iOS. You should want to lose your customers just because of the incompatibility with any of the systems.

While using the React Native framework, you just need to write down code for once and be able to run on multiple platforms. In other platforms, you need to hire two different developers one for android and another for iOS, which do not require in React Native. Thus, this is why it’s the most preferable way of development.

02. Cheaper way of development

Specifically, if you are a beginner in the business world, then you might be facing a financial crisis. Due to that, ignore developing mobile apps. However, this might not happen when you use React Native. It gets your application at a cheaper cost. It gets your application at a minimum cost than the other platforms.

The code reusability feature saves your lot of time and money in mobile app development. Cross-platform lets you develop apps for the android and iOS at one. Hence, due to cheaper solutions, you don’t need to worry about anything while creating mobile applications.

03. It’s faster

Well, no matter how attractive your application front end is. There is no much use for it until and unless it gives faster access for every section. Users won’t like to revisit if it takes time to get load.

As Javascript is supported in React Native and is compiled to real, native codes. It let your app work seamlessly smoothly. Developers can get fast code to reload, it’s as easy as refreshing the web page. Thus, this feature encourages founders to use React Native for their mobile applications as speed makes a huge impact.

04. Easy to bridge native feature

It’s always a great idea to include something extraordinary in the mobile application. It let you get noticed in the market among many others.

React Native is quite easy to incorporate everything new coming in Android or iOS. React can allow you to add Swift or Java to your project to integrate any kind of functionality in it. Even features are the most important part which users might look for in any application and only use if it has the most demanding and latest one. Therefore, it would be a great choice to use React Native to keep your application up to date.

05. Better UI

The user interface is one of the most critical points in the mobile application. It’s all about how your user interacts with your application and its functionalities.

It’s never easier to make an appealing UI other than React Native. The designer can use CSS and flexbox to arrange the layout and give it an eye-catching look. Even it makes the application responsive as we do on the website. The user might use a different size of the mobile, so your app should not lose its originality in any case. That’s the reason why many business owners prefer to use React Native for their app development.

06. Large community

There are tons of people involved with React Native and using it for different purposes. It shows the popularity and success of this platform. Lots of people are using it from across the globe and making it even more powerful every day.

It helps the developers to find any answers to the queries. It might be possible that during development they might be stuck at someplace and unable to proceed at that time this community will surely help.

Moreover, many popular companies are also using it like Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, etc. This reason might encourage founders to choose to React Native for their application development.

07. Transform web project to mobile decision

As we know that code is reusable, developers do not need to write it again and again. React is modular enough that any developer can easily understand it and take it as a basis.

Even for the QA testers, it takes less time to understand the programming language and test cases. This will let you transform your project into a mobile decision with ease.

08. Compatible with 3rd party plugin

While developing mobile application development, sometimes it becomes important to integrate some additional plugins. It makes your application even stronger in terms of functionality.

As React Native is an open-source framework, it supports multiple 3rd party plugins. The more the function and features you include in the app, it will make it more useful and attractive. For developers, it reduces a lot of tasks. They do not need to write much code. Therefore, this way additional plugins make your application more advanced.

09. Efficient app development

Another significant reason why people use React Native for mobile application development. The development cycle is shorter enough to get the app within less time. So that you get your app the fastest way possible.

Furthermore, the life reloads feature of the React Native feature lets you view the last code changes. The one screen shows the code written by developers and the second shows the implementation of it. This is the feature that you might not get on any other platform.

In order to improve efficiency, even more, this framework uses the ReactJS library developed by Facebook to enhance the user interface. Hence, this way you can make your mobile app efficient enough to give a better experience.

10. Growing platform

Whenever we talk about developing a mobile application for any purpose, one of the most popular names would come to every developer’s mind is React Native. It’s one of the most active and chosen technologies by plenty of developers.

With every day, it’s getting better with frequent updates. As it’s supported by Facebook, the developers are always eager to make it better every day. It offers a lot of benefits to improve your mobile applications. The latest updates on this platform allow you to develop a mobile application that stands in this modern world.

Wrapping up

Undeniably, React Native is the most popular mobile app development platform among many others. The features and functionality it provides are unmatchable, it helps developers to make an outstanding mobile application. Founders prefer this platform over many other Android/iOS app development ways. The above-mentioned points clearly define what makes it one of the best platforms for development.